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By facereviews / September 19, 2019
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If you are struggling to launch a digital ad agency, you already know the most difficult part is acquiring clients.

There is a lot of competition to choose from and clients can be picky.

The real point of difference is active persuasion. There is actually a method to achieve this. It was developed by Dan Henry.

While finding my calling, I’ve taken many courses, including this one. I’ve had the most success with lead generation for businesses.

Today, I’ll be giving you an understanding of Dan’s course, as well as comparing that line of work with business lead generation…

Who is Dan Henry?

Dan Henry is a digital marketer who has launched a variety of digital agencies. He has also sold agencies once they have become big successes.

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He has tapped most of the digital markets, ranging from content agencies to social media agencies. The consistency has been his approach to cultivating his company from the ground up. 

This is what he offers in his new course.

30 Day Agency Summary

Dan Henry’s approach essentially focuses on clients. How do you get them?

He uses a proven method he calls ACT. This means advertise, capture and transform.

Dan shows you how to implement Facebook and Instagram ads that target specific client types. You don’t normally think of these social channels as a source for clients.

But Dan reveals that business owners of every size company are using social media daily. You become the one agency that reaches out.

Dan shows you the best practices for ad development, from copy and graphics to call to action.

The goal is to get these clients to click through to a landing page. Dan shows you how to build these too.

You don’t have to be tech savvy. Dan even provides basic templates you can follow to start these pages.

Here is where client info is gathered. From there you now of a hot lead that you can transform into lasting business.

This may seem overwhelming to some. That’s why Dan offers an entire training module on landing that first client.

He shows you how to structure your deal so that the first bite will sign right away.

Then he takes you through the steps you need to follow to ensure that client sticks around for the long haul.

Beyond winning these clients, Dan also shows you how to successfully scale your business:

·         Turning clients into powerful case studies

·         Learning the logistics of multiple client management

·         Automating ads so you continue to acquire new business

·         Ways to outsource so you don’t get swamped by all your success

Dan wants you to be successful at every point of client contact. That’s why he also includes extensive training on phone sales and face to face meetings. His goal is to establish you as a pro agency leader with the best skills.

With your initial success, you will find you are ready for the next new client. This hunger is what Dan feels makes you the best person for agency launches.

Using his methods, you can easily begin tapping new client sources across various industries. See how Dan implements his strategy for acquiring local business. It’s included in his course.

Dan makes sure to evaluate and explain every component of the agency structure.

With this special insight, you can easily become an unstoppable player in the digital agency business. 

Dan’s Course Was Informative, But This is Where I Found Real Success…

So, first how does business lead generation compare with digital marketing?

Negatives of Digital Marketing

  • Income is inconsistent
  • You’ll be spending a lot of time on it
  • Little control over prices
  • Lots of competition

Why Business Lead Gen is My Pick For Income

  • Once established it won’t need much upkeep
  • If you’re dropped, you keep the website and can sell the leads to another business
  • Sells itself
  • Income is consistent, predictable, and monthly

So this is how it works…

A business needs clients, but is having trouble finding them

So, they get people like us to bring the clients to them

Start a website, rank it on Google’s search result page, and it’ll get attention and leads for the business we’re working with.

Pay attention the ranking of this limo service’s website. I’ve been getting paid by them for years now:

It takes up the top spots in the search results, which is what makes it valuable.

And the best part?

Once your website is generating the leads the business needs, you don’t have to touch it again.

It’s a true passive income.

But what if this limo service decides they don’t want my help anymore?

It’s still MY website to control and on top of that I don’t lose my rank, so I just move the leads to another limo service that needs it.

Here is a tree service who has been paying me a nice $2k a month for a website I built them years ago:

And don’t worry about getting lost when you’re just beginning!

We’ve got a huge community home to people all over the world and they’re willing to help you out if you find yourself at a stop.

This community is populated my new people and experienced people, all of which can relate to and solve your issues.

Here’s someone who’s already making deals:

We’ve all taken this course in business lead generation to get started and it’s there to give you what you need to start as well.

Trust me, you’ll be looking back at this moment and be glad you took this opportunity.

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