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Acquire and Monetize Review 2019: Todd Brown, Real Deal?

Do you live and breathe business?  Are you always on the lookout for new ways to do things bigger, better, and with payouts most people would kill for? 

Todd Brown hears you, and that’s what his course offers.

Let’s be clear upfront about what this course is, and is not.

–It IS a robust collection of ideas, procedures, and mechanisms designed to scale up your business.

–It is NOT a casual course you can go through at your leisure.

–You will find the information you need to grow your client base, and to pursue big ticket clients with confidence.

–It is not lessons for those starting a business from scratch.

Todd Brown is the course developer and sometime instructor.

Damian Lanfranchi is the COO and a wizard of optimization.  Together these gents have put together a dynamic program with strong production values.  That makes the classes more pleasant and easier to take seriously. 

Why should I listen to Todd and Damian?

Between them, they have nearly four decades of marketing experience.

With an elite membership, you can speak to one of them directly every other week for as long as you’re enrolled.

The Marketer’s Mind Show has free content you can check out to see if the course is for you.  I like that they have a lot to offer before they start charging you.

What about the course?

I cannot over-emphasize how structured this course is.  You’ll have assignments that have to be ready on time if you want proper feedback.  It’s like being back in school part time.  So, before you invest your money, make sure you really have the time and energy to devote to the course.

What’s good:

–Tons of material and chances for regular interaction with instructors

–Focus is on growth and increasing profits

–Damian is awesome at optimizing ads for maximum impact

–The information is well organized

–Videos are good quality

–I finally understand sales funnels

–Each level feels like a well-earned accomplishment

–Both guys are upbeat and serious about what they do.

–They’re pretty motivating, and I found myself wanting their approval.

What wasn’t so good:

–Rigid structure made it hard to fit into my life

–A print newsletter?  Really?  Save the trees!

–Scheduling phone calls was a hassle and the hours weren’t very flexible

–A lot of the course requires the use of Slack.  I hate Slack.

–Monthly payments are not as desirable as a one-time fee.

–It was stressful, more than I was ready for.

Overall, this is a course for the very serious student who is ready to devote time, money, and effort toward building a highly profitable business.  I have little doubt that by applying all these lessons and sticking with it, you’ll have a good chance at reaching your sales goals.  

How I Started A Six-Figure Lead Gen Biz From Scratch

I was lost. I was stuck working a 9-5 that I knew I hated but had a hard time getting free from.

The toughest part was finding motivation in the after hours to get things done and start myself on a path toward financial freedom.

By watching endless hours of YouTube motivation videos, I came across the idea of just going for it and starting my own business.

I didn’t know what business I wanted to start quite yet, but knew I needed to take a leap of faith and invest in some high-quality coaching.

It was difficult trying to get things to fit in with these guys, but it was totally worth it and they set me on a path toward greatness.

It wasn’t much longer after working with them that I knew I wanted to pursue a lead generation business.

The reason why lead generation appealed to me so much was for a few reasons:

  • Free time with this business model would be abundant since I would have assets that leveraged time.
  • Income potential is only limited to how many sites you want to build.
  • Competition is slim
  • Businesses are willing to pay a lot of money for leads.
  • Building a website has never been easier thanks to platforms like Weebly and Word Press.

Time was very important to me. I was sick and tired of all my time being burned up by work and not being able to make all the family gatherings because of said job.

Enough was enough.

It doesn’t take long to build one of these sites. In fact, this one took just 14 hours and I haven’t had to touch it since.

The next thing I liked about lead generation is slim. My competitors are only the other local businesses in the area and specifically their website.

Due to the fact most of them barely knew how to put their site up in the first place, they likely have no idea how to rank which is why it takes only 3 months to go in and claim the top spot.

The other great perk of course is profit.

Other businesses, when ran successfully, will typically see a 40% profit margin depending on the niche they’re in.

Lead gen profit margins are nearly 100% because our sites take little to no monthly maintenance which sends all the monthly dough to our pockets.

Businesses pay big for leads and it shows, most of our sites average 1000$ a month.

This is because we produce crazy ROI for our clients though.

For example, the tree service site pictured here generates 20,000$ of revenue each month for this client.

You are unlimited with this as well. Once you reach your comfortable point you can stop churning out sites and relax as money flows into your account each month.

Most peoples comfort level is about 10k. All you need is to set up 10 sites that generate leads and you are making a six-figure income from home.

Interested in learning how you can start earning a six-figure income from home?

Click here to get started with the same lead gen coaching program that changed my life!