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Ad Breakdown Review 2019: Jay Abraham, Fraud Alert?

Advertising is one of the biggest industries in the world.  Why?  Because literally every business needs it. 

There are commercials for every item you buy in a store, and every big ticket item your family buys.  Houses, cars, even medication that can only be prescribed by a doctor uses marketing.  It’s literally everywhere.

Whether you have a product of your own or not—you can make money in advertising if you just know how.  That’s why I looked into Ad Breakdown by Jay Abraham.

Who is Jay Abraham?

Looking over the materials for the breakdown, they talked a great game about Abraham, and a guy named Gary C Halbert—who was apparently a marketing genius.  His sons were determined to follow in his footsteps.  Maybe they did, because I’d not heard of them either.

Turns out that Abraham has been in the advertising business since the 1970s. 

That means he’s seen trends come and go—including the rise of the internet, digital marketing, social networking, and YouTube.  That experience is well demonstrated in the course contents.

He founded his business, The Abraham Group Inc., in Los Angeles California in 1976.

Jay and his work have been featured in Huffington Post, Success Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, USA Today, Inc. Magazine, Washington Post, New York Times, and others.

Jay’s impact on businesses is international.  He has helped thousands of businesses in hundreds of industries get maximum benefit from minimal investment.

He’s also the developer and co-instructor of Ad Breakdown.

What’s to like about this course?

It’s reasonably priced. That’s a good start for someone who encourages thriftiness and careful spending.

The course gets off to a flying start. I’m not paying to get motivated or learn a new mindset—I want information I can’t get elsewhere. The course starts with that, and doesn’t let up.

Advice given is practical and easily applicable.

There’s a money-back guarantee if you hate it.

The actual Ad Breakdowns are fascinating. Really. There’s a ton of detail I didn’t even get through 40-minute lectures in a college setting.

I felt like what I learned could make an honest difference in my ad copy.

Who is this course for?

–Business owners who don’t know where to begin with marketing

–Copywriters who don’t feel competitive enough.

–Marketing pros looking to update their approach

–Business owners or managers who aren’t happy with their marketing efforts.

–Anyone thinking of starting a business or monetizing their online presence.

–Freelancers who want to start their own agency.

–Literally anyone with a desire to amp up their marketing game.

What didn’t I like?

The course is all video or pdfs (which are considered a bonus gift).  Not very personal.

There’s no “class” per se, so you don’t have classmates to study with, bounce ideas off of, or discuss the content you just learned. 

The videos still felt like they were trying to sell me something.  The tone and tenor were annoying, despite containing valuable information.  

Is Ranking 1 On Google The Most Profitable Form Of Digital Adverting In 2019?

There are many ways of advertising out there today. One of the most popular ways is through social media like Facebook and YouTube.

Advertising on social media has its perks, but it also has its downsides.

Today we will look at both and see how it compares to ranking number 1 on google.

Let’s start off with the perks of social media marketing:

  • Almost everyone and their grandma is on social media which means eyes are seeing your advertisements.
  • You can literally set up a social media account within a matter of minutes.
  • Profit margins on most platforms are 50% aside from YouTube.

Although the perks seem pretty enticing, it is imperative that you are aware of the drawbacks:

  • Facebook ads are hella expensive. Don’t be surprised if you have to spend 30-40% of your monthly fee plugging it right back into the campaign.
  • Marketing on social media is becoming saturated and with differentiation being difficult most ads are viewed as spam.
  • The click through rates on Facebook and Instagram are 1% across all industries, YouTube is better but at just 2%.
  • You have no control over your accounts ultimately.

So, is ranking number 1 on google still the most profitable form of digital marketing in 2019?

I would say yes for a few reasons.

The number 1 spot on google for any search term gets clicked on 33% of the time. This is literally over 30x better results compared to social media.

People click the number one spot on google so much because they are looking for it. People go to google when they need things done.

When entertainment is sought, people go to social media. They are not looking to be advertised to on these platforms.

Ranking 1 on google is also less saturated than social media marketing.

On social media you are literally competing against thousands of others on a global scale, with ranking 1 on google for lead gen, you are only competing against 15-20 businesses in the area.

And really, you’re only trying to top the website, not the business itself.

It’s easy to rank within just 3 months considering most businesses don’t have the first clue on what it takes to rank a site.

But finally let’s get down to profits.

Lead generation and ranking 1 on google see profit margins of nearly 100% thanks to the fact that these sites require almost no monthly maintenance.

The best part is that the average lead gen site is worth 1000$ a month, but let’s break down what that means.

On average you can charge 500$ for a Facebook ad campaign. As I mentioned earlier you will see a 50% or 250$ profit.

By this math, on average, sites that rank at the top of page one of google are 4x as profitable as a social media marketing campaign.

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