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Blow Up Your Blog Review 2019 – Bobby Hoyt, Real Deal?

If your blog seems to have hit a wall, you may NOT be fully exploiting the potential of the internet.

Did you know that using Facebook Ads you can grow your blog audience?

Growth means revenue. You can’t monetize without a big audience. You need eyeballs on your page. Bobby Hoyt will show you how to get there.

Who is Bobby Hoyt?

Bobby Hoyt is a digital entrepreneur who abandoned the nine-to-five life for a highly profitable independent digital career.

His biggest discovery was harnessing the power of Facebook advertising for local businesses.

He has since become a specialist in Facebook ads and has discovered how to leverage them for enhancing your blog performance. 

This course will literally blow up your blog.

Blow Up Your Blog Summary

The real secret power of this course is how to use Facebook ads specifically for blog growth.

Every blogger hits a performance barrier at some point. Your audience stops growing and your attempts at organic reach become limited.

This is bad news if you are trying to monetize your content. Your audience has to continuously grow in order for advertisers to see you as a player worth investing in.

Bobby’s course shows you how to take your blog to the next level with a little help from Facebook. Forget investing in organic growth. Facebook is slowly shutting all that down. You want to turn to their ad dashboard and start targeting your blog audience. The spend is minimal and the results phenomenal.

Here is what I learned:

·         How to define and target key audiences on the Facebook back end

·         How to create attractive ads that bring in new audiences

·         How to measure results using Facebook pixels

·         How to maintain brand loyalty by reaching out to Facebook fans of your blog

You already know the kind of readers your blog has, you just have to find more.  This course shows you how to research on the back end of the Facebook dashboard to see your audience clear as day.

You can reach out to them with targeted ads. Don’t worry if you are concerned about graphic design. Bobby offers some easy to use templates that are proven to work. So, you can start pumping out ads directly to your target groups.

Bobby then shows you how to measure your fantastic results. Using pixels, you can monitor every Facebook fan who comes to your blog. See how long they stay. See what content they are reading. It is the best way to really understand your audience set so you can start scaling it for even bigger better performance.

You can start campaigns for subscriptions. Simply by asking your target audience to follow your blog you start to build solid numbers that advertisers love.

You can offer detailed metrics that show how popular your blog is becoming and why companies need to place ads on your page.

You can sit back and start earning from ad revenue. It is amazing. Bobby shows you that Facebook ads are really the solution to building traffic and creating a blogger’s profit dream.

Facebook Ads Can Help With Growth, But Organic Is Still King

Blogging has been a way that thousands of people have made so much money online that they could quit their 9-5 jobs.

Over the years though it has gotten tougher to rank and draw traffic to blogs, so people get disappointed when they don’t see results right away.

There is a time period that you have to wait through as your site ranks and people tend to be impatient in that regard.

However, a lot of that impatience can now be a distant memory thanks to Facebook ads and instant traffic.

  • Almost everyone is on Facebook which means your name will get out there.
  • Facebook allows you to target specific people who have the interests that your blog talks about.
  • After setting your campaign up, you can literally get traffic today.

There are some drawbacks to using Facebook ads though.

  • Click through rates across any industry for FB ads are 1%
  • Facebook ads are becoming so popular and prevalent people are beginning to view them as spam.
  • Ad accounts can be shut down for any reason at any time, which sucks if you have a really successful campaign.
  • FB ads are becoming super saturated since everyone can do it, this makes it hard to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Why is ranking organically still king?

People view the number one spot on google as authoritative and something you can’t fake. Which is true.

Numbers don’t lie either. The number one spot on google for any given search term/phrase has a click through rate of 31%!

Another reason why ranking organically is important is that you get free traffic. What do I mean by free traffic?

Because you are at the top spot, that is where a majority of people click and visit. This is compared to Facebook where you are paying for traffic to your site.

Furthermore, if you are ranking organically you are likely bringing in some big money.

I know plenty of people who have blogs that they are running Facebook ads for and they are making barely enough to make a profit.

Ranking organically is also more secure.

Basically, when you get to the top you can’t just be taken down for no reason.

I actually know a guy who started an ad campaign for his own blog and it was becoming very successful, within about 6 weeks he raked in 6 grand.

One morning though he woke up to his account being suspended with no explanation and all the possibility of making more money from it, gone.

There are no random terms or conditions you can violate on the internet, so your spot is safe. The only thing you need to worry about is having the strongest backlink authority, so you stay up top.

When I learned how important it was to be ranked organically I never looked back.

Are you interested in learning more on how to rank sites organically?

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