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Chatbot Profits Review 2019 – Frank Salas, Legit?

  • Well in this course you have the buttons of control, you say when to start and when you finish.
  • It is entirely self-paced course online. And that is one of its uniqueness.
  • This course guarantees a lifetime access after enrollment, let’s say till enough is enough.
  • The best part is this, if you are not satisfied with what you get after 30 days you get your money back, and In short this course is almost free.

Frank Salas

  • Salas well known as talented Mr. Salas is a master entrepreneur who hails from Texas enjoying the digital kind of life.
  • Raised by a single mother in a rural farm in Mexico and born homeless, to Frank English is his second known language.
  • He also dropped out of college to begin his business at 20 years of age. He began with very scarce resources.
  • Frank later mastered the social media business that enabled him grow his business and developed very intriguing skills of hiring assistants offshore to help grow his business online.
  • Today frank travels the whole world sharing his found knowledge on social media and enjoying every second of it.

Chatbot Profits

  • This course will show you how to build and strategize and drive your traffic to automatically drive sales while booking appointments.
  • Frank explains his attitude towards business, ways of building your tribe through social media and ways of scaling your business with outsourcing. Inspiration is all you need.
  • This course will get you fixed on making your Chatbot by teaching you how to program it to connect to your social media page.
  • You will also learn how to manage your Chatbots welcoming messages automatically.
  • Who said you have to talk directly to clients to close deals? Learn ways of automatically replying to your silent even if you are not online to the point of making sales.
  • This course will teach you on the benefits if following up with your clients by auto pilot.
  • This chat bot course will get you booking appointments and sales calls that are incoming.
  • This course will teach you ways of messaging your bot list and finding your way to their heart and winning over them to make you trusted.
  • You will learn how to catch your interested followers with the bets content in the internet.
  • This course will make you learn ways of Growing the Subscriber List of bot in one of the most beneficial ways possible.
  • With this course you will get an overview of the bets tools that will help you bot list grow at a fast speed.
  • In this course you get to learn how to manage your conversations with your clients on the Chatbot.

If you are looking for how to turn your Facebook account to start making money then this course is all you need as it focuses on making the best out of your account.

Chatbots For Profits? What About Leads In Advance?

Ever since chatbots have come out all sorts of organizations, businesses, and entrepreneur’s have tried their hands at them.

Chatbots can be extremely beneficial, especially when they are high quality. This is because the person at the other end believes they are directly talking with you.

This in turn allows you to get multiple sales appointments set up and money running through your door.

The cool part about chatbots are that you are able to program them yourself or have others program good responses and knowledge into them.

Now that Facebook and Instagram are used by just about everyone, now more than ever would be the time to try your hand at chatbots as well.

There are some downsides to using chatbots that you need to be aware of though.

  • People on social media are looking to be entertained, not advertised to. If they are hit with an account they don’t know, they may not even open it.
  • Because chatbots have been around for a few years now, people have begun to recognize a real person talking versus a chatbot.
  • After messing with chatbots for a little bit, it will be reported and so will your account that’s attached to it.
  • It is harder than one thinks to program a bot, and super expensive if you outsource it to someone else.

Can you make a profit with leads in advance?

Absolutely 100% yes!

In my opinion leads in advance is the most surefire way to get clients and its just as affordable, if not cheaper.

What is the process for doing so?

Just as you have to put in work with your chatbot, you have to put work in with your lead gen site.

This means you have to get your site up and ranked. You can do this for free or you can outsource the ranking process. High quality outsourcing will cost you about 1000$ but this is still cheaper than high quality chatbots.

The next thing I do is to just start sending off these calls and make sure the customers get taken care of.

This sending the leads thing is the most important part of this whole process because this is how business owners view you as legit.

If you were to use a chatbot and all it gave the prospect was promises about what you can do for them at X price, they are likely to just ignore you all together.

If you send a prospect high quality leads and jobs they can’t help but not ignore you. You are bringing money to their table.

At the end of the day most business owners need to see some sort of tangible proof that you can do what you say you can.

Sometimes even with the leads in their hands business owners can still be skeptical.

What you do in this scenario is show them a call log that shows the consistency of leads coming in, or even where your site is ranked.

But what about results for leads in advance, that’s the important thing right?

When I practice the leads in advance method, I have a conversion rate of 80%, sometimes its because that business owner is retiring, or they just don’t want to grow right now.

You will be hard pressed to find any type of chatbot that has a higher conversion rate than that though.

Interested in learning more about leads in advance?

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