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Code Of Conversions Review 2019 – Keith Krance, Con Artist?

There is more to digital advertising than placing ads on Google. The right creative content is critical for successful ads, and the right audience selection is the only way to get your ads converting. 

If you only know the basics of digital ads then you may be losing out on profitable market share. Keith Krance offers the hidden code of digital ad strategy.

Who is Keith Krance?

Keith Krance is a digital marketer who wanted to codify the ad business. Through years of trial and error he created a system that not only defines the best copy and images but also the best placement strategy. 

His proven methods are sought after by companies who are looking to drive conversions through the roof.

Code of Conversions Summary

Keith’s methods helped me organize the whole digital ad process. His checklists guided me through ad creation and deployment so I didn’t miss any of the critical details. His strategy even takes out some of the guesswork of testing so I was closer to achieving high conversion ads from the start. 

What was great is that his ad templates worked anywhere including Facebook, so I didn’t need to make many modifications to content.

He clearly spells out the process in several training modules:

·         Developing ad copy and selecting images without creative help

·         Developing an audience base using Google and Facebook

·         Planning your ad spend and automating deployment

·         Tracking your success and interpreting reports

I could successfully develop targeted ads for any audience. The campaigns I created were fully automated, so I didn’t need to do much monitoring. And the results were amazing.

With Keith’s direction, I could create high-converting ads in as little as a day and deploy them quickly and easily.

He completely changed how I spent my ad revenue, showing me how the best ROI could be achieved through hacks he has formulated from his years of experience. I was fully empowered to become an independent digital marketer with proven results that clients loved.

I could also implement all these techniques for my own business, creating high conversion rates for Shopify pages, Amazon and any other digital platform that relied heavily on in-bound traffic.

Keith also helped me explore all types of ads from video and animated. I could source out this content for a low price and launch high-converting campaigns that were dynamic and engaging.

Keith even included an ad presentation model that I could take to clients. The compelling content offered easily enticed new clients to sign up with my ad selling strategy.  I could create campaigns that drove sales for their brand and sit back and watch my revenue roll in,

This strategy is so scalable, that I could begin automating the entire process from my home office. Clients could sign up for ad content. I would create it quickly and easily and have them up and running in minutes.

I literally created an ad generating monster company based on Keith’s methods. I can’t think of any easier way to earn dollars from my desktop.

Running Ads Can Make You Money, But This is Why Lead Gen is Better (IMHO)

Running ads across different platforms is nothing new. Frankly the only thing that is new about it is which platform can run ads next.

When done the right way, running advertisements for different businesses can be very profitable.

They can even be helpful at a personal level if you own a business and use these tactics to benefit your online presence.

Even though ads through different platforms can be effective, they do have their downsides.

I have gone ahead and prepared a little list that lets you in on the drawbacks of this business model so you can be fully informed before you jump in.

For the sake of explanation, I will be primarily talking about Facebook ads and Google Adwords since those are the most popular platforms.

  • Facebook ads can be stupid expensive, and their prices vary day after day depending on the cost per click value.
  • Anytime you run an advertisement, say on Facebook or another social platform, you are interrupting that person’s time to sell them something.
  • People have become smart and can smell an ad a mile way, this in turn means that click rates will be low which means conversions will be low.
  • Your accounts for various platforms can be shut down for any reason at any time.

There was one guy I was talking with this summer who was running Facebook ads and he had a real successful campaign going. Within about 6 week’s time he cleared about $6k. He woke up one day and without any warning his account was gone.

So how does lead generation beat out running advertisements?

  • When you make a website, it’s yours, which means unless you do something really stupid, your site will never be taken down.
  • The cost to set up a lead generation site is predictable based on a decent amount of research so you won’t be thrown for a loop by crazy price increases like Facebook ads or adwords.
  • Being on the top of the first page of google gives you a sort of authority in the eyes of the person who is searching for your services. They will view you as more important and trustworthy than someone who is paying their way to the top with adwords.
  • Less time is involved as compared to Facebook ads.

Well what do I mean by less time is involved? Check this out, it’s my first lead gen site. It only 14 hours to build and rank, I also haven’t had to touch it since.

When running Facebook ads you constantly have to check the price of your advertisement.

This means it is not as passive of an option as promised if your free time is important to you.

Look at this. This is one of my other sites that is taking up the top spot of the map pack and organic listing. That is what I mean when I say that being on the top gives us authority in the searchers’ eyes.

If you want to learn more about lead generation, click here to get started with the lead generation coaching program that changed my life.