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Complete Facebook Advertising Guide for Amazon FBA Review 2019 – Kyle Dunning, Genius?

Social media continues to be one of the top performing platforms for selling. Marketers are consistently achieving high ROI and conversions from Facebook ads.

 If you only know a little bit about Facebook advertising, then it is time to go deep with one of the experts in the field.

Who is Kyle Dunning?

Kyle Dunning is a specialist in Amazon selling who utilizes Facebook as his primary selling platform. His results are so amazing that he has become a sought-after consultant for driving sales in competitive niche markets.

He brings his expertise to other social media advertisers in this thorough and engaging course on creating powerful Amazon selling success through Facebook.

Complete Facebook Advertising Guide for Amazon FBA Summary

When Kyle Dunning take you into the advertising dashboard of Facebook, you will realize how much there is to learn. He shows you why Facebook advertisers can so accurately target audiences and get definitive results.

He also shows how you can build conversion target lists. So, you are essentially defining what markets contain buyers who are most likely to purchase.

Then he shows how to build a complete Amazon selling page that becomes a landing page specifically for those audiences. Amazing ROI follows soon after.

Kyle gets into the real details of how to be the most effective Facebook advertiser. Here is what he reveals:

·         How to establish your Facebook advertising platform

·         How to generate effective campaigns

·         How to use advanced targeting tactics to pinpoint the best audiences for your product

·         How to track your results on Amazon

·         How to optimize your ads over time for enhanced performance

·         How to manage ad budgets so you get the most delivery for your dollar

What is really insightful about this course is how Kyle explores niche markets. Using the very laser precise targeting available to advertisers on Facebook, you can identify and message directly to those audiences.

By matching them with niche markets on your specific Amazon product pages you are creating a beautifully coordinated system of direct selling.

If you feel you don’t have the creative skills to make ads, don’t worry. Kyle has complete training modules that take you through copy and image management.

In no time you are creating powerful campaigns like the pros. Kyle also shows you how to use video ads to enhance static ad campaigns.  

For example, you can inform your audience in detail about a product with an informative video, then deliver a powerful offer in a static ad that drives them to Amazon.

There are so many advertising approaches available on Facebook, it can be overwhelming. But Kyle leads you through each method and how each works. You can easily test different methods in your campaigns and modify your campaigns to fit the metrics. It really is a lot easier than you think.

Don’t let the revenue driving potential of Facebook slip away. This platform is changing the digital space and you need to be in on the game to really profit.

Let Kyle and his expertise show you how it’s done!

Facebook Ads For Amazon? Can Lead Generation Compete?

Honestly, this guy has some really good ideas, sell on amazon, promote on Facebook.

How could that be any better?

You’ll find that not only selling items on Amazon has perks but applying ads on Facebook helps too.

  • As of last year, 50% of all online sales occurred on Amazon. This means you are getting in front of people who are ready to buy!
  • Once you rank on Amazon you will be getting FREE traffic to your product page.
  • You can source your product overseas and not worry about producing it yourself.
  • Inventory storage will never be an issue since that is Amazon’s job.
  • You can increase your sales even more by using Facebook ads to target people who are interested in your product.

There are some cons to this business model and it’s only fair you know everything going into it.

  • It is getting extraordinarily tough to rank a product on Amazon because incentivized reviews are banned.
  • The market on Amazon is extremely saturated with giants that have 1000’s of 5-star reviews and sales in the most profitable niches.
  • Even if you were to go the paid traffic route Facebook ads only have a click through rate of 1% because people want to be entertained, not advertised to.
  • Most people play the copy cat method which will lead to you having to shrink your profit margins to make sales (not sustainable in the long run).

Can lead generation compete with Amazon and Facebook ads?

Boy can it ever!

Lead generation is widely unknown or overlooked in most cases. The reason most people overlook it is because it never promises get rich quick.

Lead gen is the process of getting a site ranked at the top of google and taking the leads it generates and handing them off to a business owner for a fee.

There is less competition in this arena because most business owners in any given town likely do not know how to properly optimize a website.

Furthermore, it’s easier to rank for keywords when your are only competing against like 10 other businesses whereas with Amazon you are competing with thousands, if not millions, to sell the same product.

Our profit margins are higher as well. Lead generation profit margins are typically between 95-100%.

This is because after the site is set up, it is 1. Yours, and 2. It requires little monetary maintenance which means most of the profit goes directly to your pocket.

The products you sell on Amazon aren’t yours so you can’t take most of the profit for yourself, you’re lucky if you can squeak away with 10%.

One drawback you might find with lead generation that’s worth mentioning is that you might find it difficult to cold call a business and convince them of what you can provide.

Proof of site calls

The way I personally deal with this is by sending them leads in advance, this proves to them that I’m the real deal and it will show them something tangible. My conversion rate from this method is 80%.

Did I pique your curiosity about lead gen? Click here for more information on the lead generation coaching program that changed my life.