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Dynamic Product Ads Training For Facebook Review 2019 – Jon Loomer, Con?

Static ads on Facebook are a thing of the past.

Dynamic advertising is changing the social media landscape.

Dynamic ads create continuously new content and drive sales.

They are quickly becoming one of the most powerful ad tools for e-commerce.

Who is Jon Loomer & Andrew Foxwell?

These digital ad entrepreneurs launched Foxwell Digital and began a successful surge of digital ad campaigns.

Their client list today is booming, and they easily have earned millions of dollars through Facebook ad revenue alone.

They outline their success story and how dynamic ads on Facebook was the game-changing pivot in their careers.

Dynamic Product Ads Training for Facebook Summary

If you ever had tried any Facebook advertising, it can be complicated. And that’s just the static ads.

Facebook keeps creating new and interesting ad formats and it can be difficult to keep up with the changes.

I never knew if any of these ad types worked well anyway. That was until I discovered Jon and Andrews amazing course.

I realized how profitable dynamic ads could be. They were also becoming the most popular ad format on Facebook because of their success with advertisers.

I wanted to learn everything, and the Dynamic Product Ads Training had it all. I learned…

·         How to set up an effective Facebook product feed

·         How to create powerful Facebook dynamic ad campaigns

·         How to go deep when targeting my audience sets

·         How to optimize and read metrics for performance

·         How to pace campaigns on a strict budget

The best part of this course was that I was able to define very clear best practices specifically for my selling needs.

I could easily organize and launch campaigns, make the necessary changes over time so they performed better and then sit back and watch as revenue was generated on my e-com site.

Clearly, dynamic ads on Facebook capture the attention of most Facebook followers.

They are the ones most likely to lead to conversions.

And what’s really great is that they are so automated, you could easily go on vacation and come back to earned cash.

And if you are not really creative, this course helps with that as well.

Jon and Andrew take you through the process of creating the best images for dynamic campaigns. They show you how to write compelling social media copy that sells.

But I really enjoy learning about audience research the most. Jon and Andrew got into the details about exploring audience options on Facebook’s back end.

They showed how you could use the customized fields and advanced settings for truly targeted advertising.

And the training isn’t just for products. The methods are so effective in this course that they can be leveraged for service brands just as easily.

Dynamic Facebook ads are the trend that’s rocking the digital ad world.

They are currently becoming more powerful than video or static, so there is no better time to get in on this lucrative trend.

A lot of revenue is waiting to be made on Facebook. Get your dynamic ad training and get started making money.

Facebook Ads For Ecom Has Been Good, But Here’s Why I Think Lead Gen Is A Safer Bet.

Are you looking to take that final leap into taking your business to the next level?

Then this might just be the course you were looking for.

Running ads on Facebook not only has perks for drawing traffic to your ecom site, but you can also learn to apply these ads to help other businesses in your area as well and get some extra money each month.

On top of that, Facebook ads aren’t difficult to learn and set up. You can do it all within a single day.

All these extra Facebook tactics to help you and your business from your own home.

However, with everything else in life, this does have its fair share of downsides.

  • You will find that Facebook ads are expensive as hell. Be prepared to spend a solid 30-40% of your revenue on plugging it back into Facebook ads.
  • Because running Facebook ads are so easy to learn, that means a lot of people are doing it. which means differentiation is going to be difficult if you’re selling the same product.
  • People are on Facebook to be entertained, not to be sold to. This is why click through rates are only 1% on average throughout all niches and industries.
  • A lot of your time will be eaten by having to constantly monitor the CPC for keywords in your campaign.

Why do I think lead gen is a safer bet for making money?

After the initial set up fee for what it takes to rank your website, it doesn’t take much money to keep it there month after month.

For example, if you were to outsource a lead gen build, it might cost you 1000$. This is pretty much a one-time fee considering you may have to toss a few bucks every once in a while for rare maintenance on something.

I know some people who throw hundreds into Facebook ads every month quickly surpassing the cost it took for me to set up a lead gen.

Lead gen sites are also assets we own that produce money for us in the form of leads on a monthly basis which is why we can charge 1000$ a month on average.

The number 1 spot on google has a click through rate of 31% compared to Facebooks 1%.

The difference?

We rank for buyer intent keywords locally for people who are already sold on the services we’re providing.

On Facebook you aren’t advertising to people who are ready to buy, you are interrupting their social hour.

Lead generation allows for more free time as well, once a site is ranked you don’t have to worry about monitoring it as much. With Facebook you have monitor the campaign all the time or else you can end up in the red real quick.

Overall, I think lead generation is a safer bet (In my opinion) because new jobs never go out of style for business owners, and people will always click the number one spot google.

Interested to hear more about this business model?

Click here to get started with the same lead generation coaching program that changed my life!