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Facebook Ads University Elite 2019 Review – Keith Krance, Real Deal?

When you master Facebook, you tap one of the biggest consumers markets on the planet.

With the right tactics, you can increase ROI and site traffic. You can build robust brand followings.

With the united power of Instagram and Facebook you can reach new niche audiences and drive new sales.

Simply put, if you succeed in Facebook ads, you will make a great profit.

To achieve all this, you need to guidance of an expert like Keith Krance.

Who is Keith Krance?

Keith is a leading social media marketing expert. He has helped companies build their online presence and create sales-driving ad campaigns across social platforms.

He brings his proven insights to new marketers. He is ready to school the newbies and the seasoned pros alike with the intel he has discovered.

Facebook Ads University Elite 2019 Summary

There are so many ways to sell on Facebook that marketers sometimes do it all at once and blow their budget.

That doesn’t have to be. Keith will show you how to construct the ideal strategy to meet your marketing goals.

That may involve several of the ad modules for Facebook and Instagram, or only one or two.

 The idea that Keith wants to stress in this comprehensive course is that everything must start with strategy.

Keith takes you through the process of building a strategy by asking questions. What are you trying to achieve? Is it a bigger following? Is it more traffic? Is it more conversions?

From there you can begin looking at all the moving parts of Facebook and see what works for you.

Keith takes you step by step through the process of strategy development before he starts teaching you the real guts of Facebook marketing:

·         How to create the perfect ads for maximum engagement

·         How to build campaigns that generate momentum over a promotional period

·         How to use video ads effectively

·         How to combine Instagram and Facebook ads into a bigger campaign

·         Using Messenger for social selling

·         Reading the numbers to learn what works

Keith give you the best practices for ads from graphics to copy so you know what engages Facebook consumers. He has templates and case studies to get you on track with what always works.

He takes you on a deep dive into video marketing on Facebook. He shows when and when not to use video ads.

He can’t express enough the importance of cadence. He reveals how too much advertising pushes customers away. The perfect balance of timed ads is a delicate art that Keith is ready to teach.

When to use Instagram and Facebook is another big question that Keith always gets from his students. That’s why he included a new training module just on this subject. 

Keith walks you through the best practices of both platforms, their audience sets and success stories.

Keith doesn’t leave out the power of social selling through Messenger. He gives you the low down on bots and how they can make marketing on social a blessing.

The most important part of the course is when Keith takes you through the numbers.

Know your metrics. Keith shows you how to optimize your ad performance to become a true Facebook master. 

Conclusion: Why I use Facebook Ads for “Quick” Money and Lead Generation for Longevity

Facebook ads are a great way to make some quick money and it really isn’t all that difficult to learn.

By this point you have probably watched a few YouTube videos on it and maybe even ran some ads yourself.

If you are looking to dial in your skills further, this is the training for you.

However, I feel that it is my duty to present you with the whole truth when it comes to this business model and which model is best overall.

Facebook ads are great if you are looking to make a quick buck.

What I mean is that you can set up new ads on a daily basis and have cash roll in off of them.

That’s at least what you see on the outside that draws you in.

On the inside you will notice that analysis has to take place constantly because everything is often in a constant state of fluctuation.

If you’re not careful, you will lose money.

Facebook ads are also SUPER EXPENSIVE and because of the CPC fluctuation its possible to be in the negative really quick.

Now let’s say that you have a really successful ad campaign going for yourself. In fact, you have been seeing positive results over and over again without having to change hardly anything.

It’d be a shame if all that success was taken from you without any rhyme or reason, right?

This is the unfortunate circumstance that a lot of Facebook ad users run into.

These days it seems that just about anything can be shut down including your ad account and Facebook can do that because they are in CONTROL.

That is why I use Facebook ads as a way to make a quick buck. I get in, make the money, and get out because we never really know when things could get shut down.

I use Lead Generation for a long-term money-making plan because at the end of the day, unlike Facebook ads, I am in control.

I own the site, I own the content, I own it all and it can’t just disappear overnight. Unless, of course, the lights go out…but then we all have a bigger problem.

Lead Generation also does not interrupt peoples’ entertainment.

When you place an ad on Facebook you are interrupting someone who is just looking for a good laugh from some funny videos or meme’s, or the grandmother who is just trying to see what her grandkids are up to.

Point is, no one likes being sold to.

With Lead Generation, we are actually advertising to people who are looking for what we offer in the first place. They will type in a service and we will be at the top of the results for their search and they’ll come to us because we are number 1!

I also mentioned how it is long-term.

Service based industries will always need new jobs to come so that they can not only stay afloat, but flourish. If we are able to provide them with a consistent stream of leads, they have no problem allowing us to take a little sliver to deliver.

This call sling account helps track leads that come in for the business owner.

As long as things keep breaking, we will always be of use as lead generators.

If you are interested in hearing more about lead gen, click here.