J.R. Fisher Course – Facebook Ads University Review 2019

By facereviews / September 24, 2019

Facebook is about more than likes and shares. This highly popular social media platform is an advertising engine.

As a digital entrepreneur you can build your business with high performing Facebook ads. Or you can become an ad consultant helping other businesses gain success from the platform.

After taking Fisher’s “Facebook Ads University” course, I was doing well, but I felt as though I could do something else.

By combining what I learned from this course and my knowledge in getting leads for businesses, I was able to build an income of $50k a month.

In this article, I will be reviewing Fisher’s course and compare it to my experience with business lead generation.

Who is J.R. Fisher?

J.R. Fisher is an advertising expert who has focused his career on Facebook.

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 He has helped launched powerful campaigns that have led to robust conversions and sales.

He knows what works and what doesn’t and has refined all his learnings into a streamlined training program.

Facebook Ads University Summary

You can be new to Facebook advertising or a seasoned pro. This course will open your eyes either way.

That’s because J.R takes a deep dive into the latest hacks that earn advertiser’s big money.

He explores every aspect of Facebook marketing and shows you how to make the right choices for your campaigns.

J.R. reveals how many of the advertising methods that are considered old school apply to the digital world.

For example, he explains how benefits-focusing copywriting really works for Facebook ads.

He gives solid examples and provides case studies in A/B testing that prove how benefits-driven copy works.

Not a copywriter? That’s okay. J.R. offers some basic templates you can follow to plug in your product offers and get the same results as if you hired an award-winning writer.

But this breakthrough course is more than just about messaging. J.R explores some of the secrets that only a few experienced social media advertisers know about:

·         How to evaluate your audience for the best messaging

·         Creating video content for ads

·         Developing slideshows that deliver more products in one ad

·         Organizing audiences based on their position in the sales funnel

·         How to create a structured ad campaign plan that captures every audience target

·         Knowing more about deep metrics and how they work

·         Using Look-a- Like audiences to build your conversions

J.R shows you the advantage of tapping niche audiences and leveraging their buying power for your profit.

He explains the process of budgeting so you never spend more than you have to for any ad.

He even has a coaching Facebook group page where you can ask questions and engage with others like you learning more about Facebook ads.

J.R doesn’t waste time with advertising theory. He gets to the nuts and bolts of Facebook advertising immediately so you can get started earning right away.

The ultimate goal of this game changing course is to earn you more. J.R is focused on earning you more conversions and more sales.  

You may be launching your own ecommerce business and need that revenue. You may want to be a better social media marketer for your clients.

Either way, with J.R.’s insights you will be delivering unexpected numbers to your clients or seeing unexpected dollars in your bank account.

If you’re ready to become a superior Facebook marketer, then see how J. R’s highly focused training program will prepare you for maximum results. 

Fisher’s Course Allowed Me to Reach Some Goals, But, I Began Thriving After Using This…

So before we begin, how does Facebook advertising compare to business lead generation?

Negatives with Facebook Ads

  • Expensive at the start
  • Difficulty getting attention from people
  • Early bad feedback will most likely lead to failure
  • Easy to get lost in the sea of information on the web

Why Generating Leads for Businesses Was My Pick

  • Your websites basically sell themselves
  • Monthly income that is consistent
  • Much less risk, as you own the digital properties you make
  • Once ranked on Google, your website will get plenty of traffic

Here’s how it works…

First, we have a business that wants to bring more clients in.

Thing is, without having a big enough presence online, they’re pretty limited.

That’s why they pay people with our training to build them a website, rank it up on a search engine’s results, and send the leads it gets to them.

They profit off the leads, we make some money in return.

It’s really a beautiful system.

This limousine service pays me every month for this website. It is top ranked, which means it gets plenty of leads:

The best part? Once it’s generating leads for the company you’re working with, you don’t have to touch it again.

I’ll just keep sending those leads to the company and you can just sit back and collect your pay every month.

And you won’t have to lose a minute of sleep if they decide they don’t need you anymore.

The site is owned by you. So, all you do is just get the website to send leads to the next company who’ll pay you.

Here is a tree care service that I’ve been working with. The website has been earning me $2k a month for about four years now:

And when first starting, I wasn’t alone and you won’t be either.

There is are people all over the world who do this. If you’ve got a problem, someone out there will certainly be able to help.

After all, we’ve all been where your position.

Here is a newbie who is already making strides:

With this online lead gen for businesses course you’ll have the knowledge you need to succeed here.

It was the best decision I’ve ever made, and I’m sure you’ll look back and say the same!

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