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Facebook Bootcamp Review 2019 – Anissa Holmes, Real Deal?

Marketing your dental practice can be hard work. After all, you are busy trying to do your job, pay down medical college bills and run a business. But it can be easier.

You don’t need to hire any outside agencies who will charge you through the roof, and you don’t need to become an MBA.

With this amazing Facebook advertising course by Anissa Holmes you can effortlessly market your dental practice without lot of personal time investment.

Who is Anissa Holmes?

Anissa Holmes is definitely a unicorn. She has worked as a dental business consultant helping practices get off the ground successfully. She is also is a digital marketer who brings the savvy of social media and online sales to all of her dental clientele.

That’s why she created Facebook Bootcamp. This simple training course helps any dental practice successfully grow using one simple online social media platform.

Facebook Bootcamp Summary

Everything you thought you knew about Facebook is wrong once you learn how to use it as a powerful marketing tool.

This isn’t about shares and likes. This is about using the platform to reach out to new patients using laser targeted tactics.

Anissa shows you how to create a strong and lasting reputation as a local dental professional. She reveals some of the secrets that help dentists compete against others in their community. What is really amazing is that she shows you how to do all of this with just your Facebook account.

Here are some of the perks of the program:

·         How to geo-target to build your practice locally

·         How to use reviews and referrals online to bolster your reputation

·         How to deliver offers through Facebook to gain new patients

·         How to create pillar content that makes you a local authority

What I discovered was how to use Facebook ads to home in on specific zip codes. Patients are more likely to visit you because you are in the neighborhood. With zip code targeting I could send Facebook ads directly to people who were literally right down the street.

The Facebook platform is also perfect for giving out new patient offers. Anissa shows how to develop content that excites new patients about specials and how to deploy them so that the phone starts ringing, and you are taking new appointments.

The value of reviews is really incredible. Anissa shows how curating five-star reviews from your existing patients and posting them online can drive your reputation as a local dentist. You can easily reach new patients who are ready to sit in your chair.

The really great part is that you can do all of this in your spare time. Anissa shows you how to automate your Facebook marketing so that ad content deploys without you having to push a button. Online posts go out based on a pre-set calendar. You don’t have to worry about checking in either.

Anissa shows you how to receive email messages and respond to them basically from your smartphone.

With Anissa, Facebook marketing is incredibly painless.

Facebook Ads Are Great, But Here Is Why Advertise With Free Traffic With Local Lead Gen Instead:

At the end of the day Facebook Ads are a proven money maker for people who are in internet marketing.

People would not still be doing it if there wasn’t actually a way to make profit.

But here’s the cold hard truth: it’s getting harder and harder to turn a profit as it becomes more regulated and more popular around the “quick money” crowd.

Here are some reasons why I think Facebook Ads are going downhill:

  • Facebook ads are expensive, and their price varies day to day in the niche which means if you don’t pay attention, you can be in the negative real quick.
  • You are being an interruption to people who are not looking to be sold to, which can bring a negative connotation to a potential customers eyes.
  • Scaling can be difficult because Facebook will eventually show the ad to a less than ideal audience which will lead to downvotes and the death of an ad.
  • At any time for any reason, Facebook can shut down your ad account. Regardless whether your campaign is successful or not. It’s happened to me and others, not fun.

So, what exactly is local lead generation and why do I prefer it over Facebook ads?

Local lead generation is the method of generating leads locally for small businesses by means of free organic traffic on google.

How do you get to the top spot on google?

To get to the top spot on google you need to optimize and rank a website and once you’re on top, all the clicks are yours.

The perks to lead gen you ask?

  • You are not interrupting anyone’s social time by bringing up an ad in their feed, instead they are searching google for the services you provide.
  • Whereas with Facebook ads you can expect a 10-20% profit margin, lead gen you see profit margins of nearly 100% month after month.
  • Lead gen is passive so you don’t have to constantly check its “performance” like you might a Facebook ad.

Although this training in particular focus’s on Facebook marketing for dental practices, you can apply these tactics to any business in any niche. So, for the rest of this article I am going to talk about lead gen in the same way.

Ranking a website locally can be stupid easy.

With Facebook ads, you have to sometimes compete not only on a local level, but national and global level as well, this is very difficult.

Ranking a website locally is easier because the competing local owners probably don’t know the first thing about SEO and how to get their site to first page.

Just to show how easy it is, this is my first site. It only took me 14 hours over all to build and rank it.

This is one of the call sling accounts for one of my lead gens. If you come across a business owner who thinks being at the top of google doesn’t matter, this will show them otherwise, especially when you hand them leads in advance.

If you’re interested in learning more about lead generation, click here to get started with the lead generation coaching program that changed my life.