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Facebook Commissions Rocket Review 2019 – David Mali, Legit?

Facebook Commissions Rocket is an online course by digital marketer David Mali.

This online training offers high-quality lessons on Facebook Ads and Affiliate Marketing.

This course shows users how to learn from some of the most popular case studies on Facebook Ads and how to make profit daily through the usage of affiliate marketing.

This curriculum also promises to teach users about Cost Per Action (CPA) which is an important part of digital marketing. 

Who is David Mali?

– David Mali is an affiliate marketer and digital marketing expert. 

– He has been a part of the digital marketing industry for a lot of years, hence he has a lot of experience.

– David Mali is 28 years old and is a male. 

– David Mali is known to help a lot of people from all over the world earn profits online. 

– David Mali believes in sticking to simple methods and most of his online courses are easy to understand by beginners.

– He has previously garnered a lot of attention from fans and followers for his distinct Facebook Campaign tactics.

– His main areas of expertise are Affiliate marketing, Facebook marketing and campaign management and CPA studies. 

A Summary of Facebook Commissions Rocket by David Mali

– The course Facebook Commissions Rocket by David Mali is a one of a kind digital and affiliate marketing course which is gathering headlines from all over the globe. 

– This course teaches learners and aspiring marketers how to find an income source online and keep earnings consistent by way of affiliate marketing. 

– The subject matter of this online course deals with the subjects of affiliate marketing, CPA Analysis, Facebook Marketing and Social Media profit building strategies. 

– Each part of the entire curriculum has been explained from scratch with attention to even the most minute details. 

– Due to its thorough explanations and in-depth learning steps, this course is perfect for beginners who have just started learning about both, affiliate as well as digital marketing. 

– For experienced marketers, this course has a lot of new techniques and tactics which you would love to apply in your own blogs, websites and online businesses. 

– David highly believes in the key quality of simplicity hence all his learnings are simple to follow as well as implement. 

– This online series offers a new perspective on the definition of online earnings, David’s secret strategies and self-followed techniques can guide all users very well.

– The best part about this course is that David shares his clients’ real-time case studies to show a live proof of the incomes generated by his students and clients. 

– He has also shown a glimpse of his own Paypal earnings and he teaches users how they, too can get the same every day. 

– To sum up, I found David’s course to be highly valuable. It is indeed a fresh take on the usual approach to digital marketing.

– This course is priced for $19 but it is available for $2.47 after a discount currently. 

Conclusion: Facebook Ads for Affiliate Marketing are Great; However, This is Why I Have Chosen to Pursue Lead Generation Instead

Affiliate marketing and Facebook ads alone themselves are great, but what if you decided to mix the two?

This is what David is teaching and to an extent it makes pretty good sense. Instead of running ads for a company, why not score a little commission for someone else’s product?

To be honest it is a great idea, but it may not be as clear cut of a path that we thought, at least for me anyway. Let me explain why.

People aren’t looking to buy anything on Facebook. That means that you better have a real special product up your sleeve if you’re trying to make money.

Not to put a damper on your high hopes, but even the best drop shippers in the biz have a 10% success rate with chosen products.

This means you need to do a lot of testing prior to running the ad which takes a lot of time.

Another problem are trends, products are “in” and “out” all the time and profits with some products are for short term, typically about 3 months. We all remember how fast fidget spinners died off right?

Short term profit was made, but not long term.

Facebook ads are also super expensive which will cut into your commission fairly quick.

So, I thought to myself “Surely there is something more sustainable” and that is when I came across lead generation.

Lead Generation actually addresses a lot of the problems with Facebook ads for affiliate marketing.

For 1, you aren’t having to interrupt anyone’s entertainment but instead you are helping them find the best business in the area to work with for a job they need done.

The second thing is that research doesn’t have to take more than a few searches and saves you a lot of time since the testing has been done for you.

With just a few searches you can find out your market population size, how many searches are being done per month for a keyword, and even the amount of traffic that the top sites have; so you know what to expect when you’re up top.

A third thing is that it doesn’t take a lot of money or time to set up. My first lead generation site that I show here, took me 14hrs to build and I did it completely FREE. Calls then started coming in and the site has made me 750 a month ever since.

The fourth, but not necessarily final, thing that lead generation does better than Facebook affiliate marketing is product trends.

What I mean is that products are “in” and “out” so fast, but people will always need something fixed or repaired or cleaned. They won’t always need a fidget spinner, but they’ll always need something fixed.

So, from the research I have done I have decided to pursue lead generation instead, it allows me to have passive and recurring income and I don’t have to worry about trends nearly as much. If this sounds interesting to you, click here.