Facebook Messenger Marketing Review 2019 – Ben Angel, For Real?

By facereviews / September 17, 2019

This amazing and revolutionary strategy of marketing will make you engage with your followers in the most pure and genuine, effortless, and seamless way possible to make you use the shortest process form sales.

In this course steps have been put together to ensure that you are shown how to exactly start and complete with a full action plan and video to make it easier for you. 

You can use messenger marketing for almost any type of conversation you might have with your clients.

In this course you will be able to scale higher to get more clients at a small period of time.

This course makes the client get more involved, since there is no pushy messages from your end.

Everything is just perfect and runs smoothly.

Who Is Ben Angel?

Ben is an entrepreneur network contributor.

He is one of the bestselling authors of the best books that has made the world a better place.

Angel is also Australia leading marketing authority and founder of benangel.co, which is a site that provides entrepreneurs with advanced online marketing tips, courses and education.

Ben gives an easy to apply and even easier to comprehend strategies that are used to capture new clients with so much ease.

Ben is a smart opportunist who grabbed the use of Facebook messenger and made it work for him and other businessmen who have been struggling to hold conversations.

Being Ben means you need to learn how to be creative by making the client have your way while thinking he/she is actually doing it their way in a very simple process.

Facebook messenger marketing.

Since Facebook invented the messenger app many marketers have had it going for them in the industry of marketing and here are some of the benefits this course will offer you.

  • This course will enable you reduce your work with automation. Messenger gives you the chance to answer questions there and then and at a fast rate making you competent at your job without anyone’s help.
  • With the use of messenger, you will be able to send your clients videos and report when needed, download pdfs post blogs and many others within seconds. No more missing or delayed emails.
  • This course will increase your sales with automated conversations that the client making happen no pushy messages from your end.
  • By the end of this training you will be able to add an extra of 20% -50% revenue in your business, making your sales rise faster than you think.
  • This training will make your business so powerful that clients will be making queues just to work with you, interacting with your followers will make them trust you more.
  • This is a guarantee that if well followed you will not only reduce your workload but also have money flowing in at a very fast speed.
  • The best part about this course is that he shows you just how important it is to be relevant and use social media, meaning in the coming years you will still have lots of clients ready to work with you.

Conclusion: Marketing Through Messenger Can be Effective, But here’s Why I think Lead Generation is a Better Alternative.

Using messaging apps like messenger can be highly effective when seeking out new customers. However, it should not be the end all be all.

At the end of the day social media messaging apps are meant for friends to chat back and forth.

Think about it, how may times have gotten a message notification only to find out its from some promotional bot or company representative? It’s just annoying.

Even if you aren’t having a pushy sales conversation with the customer, you trying to sell them something will always be in the back of their mind regardless since they know who you are.

If you are a veteran salesmen this might not be a problem for you, but as a newbie this could cause some discouragement.

Also, let’s say that you are having multiple conversations per day using messenger. That sounds great because that means you have a lot of potential money in your pipeline, but you quickly lose your time by trying to keep up with it all unless you use a bot, but that’s risky.

Lead generation has none of these problems.

The first example of why lead generation via websites is better is because you are not having to interrupt anyone’s day asking for money.

When you build a lead generation website you are simply connecting business to customer.

The next thing is that you don’t have to sell your customer on something that they don’t need or aren’t looking to buy. On the contrary, with lead generation they are looking exactly for the services your site says it provides.

They are already “sold”.

Once your site is up, you also don’t have to do much maintenance to it all, check this example out.

This site took about 14 hours all together to build and rank. Haven’t had to touch it since.

The next part would be getting them to choose your site right? Why pick your site?

Plenty of studies show that people do not like scrolling when it comes to finding someone to do work around their house.

This means that if your site ranks in the top 3 spots of google in the map pack and organically, you will get a lot of the calls for said service.

Now you might be saying, Ippei, don’t you have to talk to a business owner who might not even want the leads you’re selling?

Yes, that is true, however, consistency is king. Check this out for example, this is a call sling account that records the calls and how many there were. If a business owner is looking to grow and increase revenue but just needs that little push with some extra proof, this is it.

So to recap, with lead generation you do not have to convince a customer to buy what you are selling, they are already convinced.

The best way to show that you are the best is to be in the top 3 spots on google in the organic and map pack because people do not like to scroll.

The toughest conversation you may have is with a business owner who may not trust what you are saying in regards to leads, but you can help that objection with the proof of your call sling account.

If you want to hear more about lead gen, click here.

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