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Facebook Side Hustle Review 2019 – Bobby Hoyt, Con Artist?

The side hustle economy is growing. And with a basic knowledge of the Facebook back end dashboard and some persistence, you can start earning cash easily by selling your skills to local businesses.

This is exactly what Bobby Hoyt did.

Who is Bobby Hoyt?

Bobby Hoyt is a digital entrepreneur who was always looking for side hustles to supplement his income. He didn’t realize the power that lie in Facebook. He knew social media, but applied locally, this social media platform was a real game-changer.

As he took a deep dive into learning the ins and outs of Facebook ad creation and selling, he quickly became in demand within his own neighborhood. He earned enough to quit his full-time job and focus entirely on Facebook as a business venture.

Facebook Side Hustle Summary

The secret to this course is that Facebook can be applied to local businesses with tremendous success. When we think of Facebook advertising, or least when I did, I thought of huge budget ad campaigns nationwide. Boy, was I wrong.

Bobby shows that small, local businesses not only need help with social media more than anything else, but that as a provider you can be amazingly successful and profitable.

So why exactly should you become a Facebook advertiser?

·         You can help local businesses with little ad budgets get huge ROI

·         You can use Geo-targeting to go after audiences right down the street from storefronts

·         You can maximize the performance of local deals and offers

·         You can generate foot traffic and online traffic better than any national social media advertiser

This breakthrough course takes you from the beginning, showing you the mechanics of the dashboard for Facebook ads.Learn how to create the best ads, both images and copy to be successful. Don’t worry if you aren’t creative. Bobby gives you templates to help you create top-selling ads.

Bobby shows you how to target audiences locally using zip codes. You can drop your Facebook ads into the feeds of your neighbors for everything from pizza joints to boutiques.

Bobby also shows you how to offer local businesses selling strategies. Launch campaigns on Small Business Saturday and watch the profits roll in. Capitalize on local events for amazing ROI. Your local clients will love you and pay well for the results.

That was the best part for me. I learned how to price my campaigns so that small businesses in my area could afford it and I could make a comfortable living.

But it doesn’t end there. Bobby shows why he didn’t just focus on his neighborhood. His Facebook business model is totally scalable. You can begin reaching out to clients in other communities around the country.

You can help small businesses in those communities grow and your profit base to grow as well.

Bobby reveals some of the tactics he used from social media advertising to get clients to email marketing based on print ads he saw in a local newspaper.

With a commitment to making money, the cash will start to roll. This is definitely a “like” on Facebook.

Facebook Lead Generation VS Website Lead Generation: Which Is Better (IMO)

Lead generation is a way to make big money on the internet. I’m talking amounts that will make you a millionaire in less than a year if you do it for the right industries.

Facebook Lead generation has some nice perks to it, here’s a short list of a few of them.

  • Facebook is always rolling out new targeting tactics like geo-targeting.
  • Almost everyone and their grandma is on Facebook which means your ads are not going unnoticed.
  • Facebook ads are relatively affordable at the local level

There are some downsides to using Facebook for lead generation that you should be aware of.

  • Facebook has been cracking down on advertisement accounts lately and your account can be suspended without notice for the slightest of mess ups or if the system made a mistake. Either way you are out time and money until they resolve it.
  • The ads can be difficult to scale because eventually they will bleed into less than ideal markets and downvotes will increase until eventually the ad dies.
  • Everyone knows about Facebook ads and how to set them up, this means that creating a campaign that is unique and differentiated is difficult.

Now for Website lead generation.

  • Thanks to sites like Weebly and Word Press, website building is a breeze.
  • Profit margins with website lead gen are much higher than the margins from ads on Facebook.
  • Competition is much less because of the time it takes to rank.
  • The number 1 spot on google for a desired service has a click through rate of 31% compared to Facebook’s 1%.

What are some of its drawbacks?

  • It can take anywhere from 3-6 months to rank a website, whereas with Facebook you could get traffic today.
  • Lead generation generally has a heftier set up fee, although in the long run Facebook ads are more expensive.
  • It is harder to convince business owners of your services on a cold call compared to Facebook ads.

Ok, now that we have laid out the pros and cons, this is the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Which one do I think is better?

I might be a little bias, but l truly believe lead gen with websites is better than with Facebook.

At the end of the day I own the website and I can feel secure knowing it won’t get taken down out of the blue like some Facebook ad accounts have been.

Competition is much less because people have less patience. Website lead gen takes a little time but after you get through it you’re set. This site took me 14 hours to build and rank and it has been making me 750$ a month since 2014.

Name a Facebook ad campaign that’s lasted that long.

Although it may be difficult in convincing a business owner over the phone about how important it is to rank on google. It’s easier just to show them.

I send them leads in advance so they can associate value with my name. Once they see the frequency and the conversion rates my site gets them, they’ll forget all about Facebook and ask where to sign.

That’s just my opinion on it though.

If you are interested in learning more about website based lead generation, click here for more information.