Rick Mulready Course – FB Ad Manager Review 2019

By facereviews / September 18, 2019
FB AD Manager

FB Ad Manager is an online training course created by online marketer and Facebook Advertising Expert Rick Mulready.

The goal of the program is to help you build your ideal business through the use of Facebook Ads.

Succeeding at Facebook Advertising can really transform your business and provide you with a constant stream of customers and sales.

FB Ad Manager is perfect for those who don’t have much experience creating Facebook Ads, or for those who just need some extra help in understanding the platform.

Even though Facebook Ads can seem like a complex subject, Rick breaks it down in a way that anyone regardless of age or education level will be able to understand what’s inside.

Rick is known for taking complex topics and turning them into bite-sized, digestible pieces that are easy to learn and begin implementing.

I’ve taken several courses, including Rick’s “FB Ad Manager” course.

Facebook ads are a valuable addition to your toolbelt when it comes to making passive income online like I do.

I am making $50k / m as we speak and this course helped me get there along with a different online leads strategy where I’ve had the most profound success. The course in business lead generation opened my eyes, no question.

Here, I will be reviewing Rick’s course and I will also be comparing his strategy with business lead generation.

Who is Rick Mulready?

Rick Mulready is a speaker, author, online marketer, and Facebook Advertising Expert.

Rick graduated from George Mason University with a Degree in Communications.

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He’s known as an industry leading authority when it comes to Facebook Advertising and paid marketing strategies.

Rick used to work in the corporate world for about 12 years before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey.

He was in the corporate internet advertising space and worked with companies such as AOL, Yahoo, and Vibrant Media.

Rick is also the creator of The Art of Paid Traffic Podcast, which is a popular podcast that gets downloaded more than 100,000 times monthly and has a reach to more than 180 countries.

He resides in San Diego, and when he’s not working on his business or teaching others’, Rick loves traveling and spending time with his lovely wife, Amy.

FB Ad Manager Summary

In order to succeed at Paid Traffic sources or Facebook Marketing, you must be willing to learn and put in the work.

You can waste a lot of money and time if you don’t know what you’re doing, that’s why it’s essential to follow the blueprints of someone who’s been there before you.

That’s the role Rick is playing in his FB Ad Manager course, he’s dedicating his time to giving you all of the tools, insights, and tips you’ll need to get started.

There’s a lot covered throughout the program, but here are some key takeaways:

  • Learn how to onboard your clients efficiently and effectively
  • Learn how you can become an authority in whatever niche you choose.
  • How you should price and package your offers to attract your ideal customers.
  • Discover the keys to create Ads that convert and are profitable
  • Gain the skills to get more clients, revenue, and results for your business and your clients’

Learning Facebook Ads is one of the most valuable skills you can learn, especially in 2019.

Facebook Ads are making a lot of people rich, and you don’t have to be the smartest person to understand how to maneuver paid traffic Ads effectively.

The results you’ll gain from the program far outweigh the cost associated with it.

There’s life-changing information inside of FB Ad Manager that could change the trajectory of your life business and income forever. 

While I Did Have Some Success With Rick’s Course, This Was On a Different Level…

This simple process was my path to success…

It all stems from one problem. Businesses aren’t making enough deals to keep themselves running.

Why? Because they don’t have that much of a presence in the sea of competition.

So, they pay people like us to bring those clients to them through a lead generating website.

What we do is make a website, get it to climb Google’s search results, and forward the leads it gets to whoever’s paying us.

How does this compare to Facebook marketing?

Cons of Facebook Marketing

  • Trial and error is very costly
  • Easy to gain a poor reputation
  • Hugely difficult to go “viral”
  • Easy to fade away due to such a huge amount of information being uploaded

Why Business Lead Generation was My Choice

  • Your website basically sells itself using the leads you generate
  • No maintenance
  • Ownership of all websites that you’ve made
  • Once relevant, the website will get plenty of traffic

Here is an example of a limousine service. You’ll see they are ranked very high of Google:

One of my favorite things about this is the lack of any maintenance required for your websites.

Once they’ve established themselves on Google, it just sits there generating leads and making you money.

So this truly is passive income! 

You also don’t need to worry about loss of progress if you’re dropped by a client.

You own and control all of your digital properties. Just move the leads on to another company that will pay.

Here’s a tree removal site that I haven’t touched since 2014 and it has been earning me $2K every month since:

Yup, $2k a month for a website I don’t even touch.

And of course, I’m not the only one.

We’ve got a large online community of people from all over the world!

We all are there to help each other, so don’t hesitate to ask around for help.

Here’s a person who just started and is already closing deals:

I’m so happy to have taken the opportunity to learn from this business lead generation course.

It launched my skills and my business into the stratosphere!

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