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FB Ads for Agency Owners Review 2019 – Jordan Schumacher, Legit?

I have my own business, but it’s super seasonal.  I’m not good enough with money to go several months without getting paid.  Who is, right?  

What I was looking for was a side hustle to bring in enough money to tide me over between busy seasons for my other business.  I didn’t want to travel a lot, or have to buy a bunch of fussy business clothes.  I needed something simple, easy, where I could work smart and not hard.

Jordan Schumacher showed me how to get exactly what I wanted.

Who is Jordan Schumacher?

He’s a guy like me, who had a job he didn’t love and wanted to do something better.

He wanted more freedom, higher income, and a better return on his time investment.

Jordan is the creator and developer of FB Ads for Agency Owners—a program that helps people like me (and you, when you’re ready) start their own agency and make real money at it.  

Schumacher is an experienced ad writer, marketing specialist, and mentor.  He notes that he’s known many agency owners who are happy with their lives and their jobs.  He has met very few agency employees who felt similarly about their own gigs.  

Jordan Schumacher is a sought-after expert on subjects like ROI (return on investment), social media marketing, ad funnels, and paid web traffic.

He’s the creator of the program Facebook Ads for Agency Owners, which helps people begin and grow a profitable ad agency of their own.

What do I get with Facebook Ads for Agency Owners?

There are three levels you can select when you engage in this course.  I got the best one, because if you’re going to do something, don’t half-ass it, right?

The main guts of the course contains six different modules, each one covering a vital facet of laying out the foundation of an ad agency, then building and growing it so it lasts.  

What else did I get?  

                –Schematics for a multitude of ad funnels that can be used in any industry.

                –Templates, which are enormous time savers

                –Group coaching calls, which you’ll def want to take notes during.

                –Tips for closing difficult or tentative clients (this alone doubled my early income)

                –Something called ‘client onboarding’ which is sort of like casting a net.

                –Private consulting sessions by phone.  Amazing!

                –The funnel audit.  I actually got more than one of these, where an expert looks at what I’m doing and lets me know where it can be improved.

                –They answer my Emails no matter how many I send or how annoying my questions are.

The only thing I’m annoyed with is that I didn’t know about this program sooner.  I could have been earning instead of worrying and wishing something would change.  It’s amazing, almost unbelievable what a difference this coaching made for my life.  

Running FB ads Might Help Your Agency, But What About A Website And Leads In Advance?

Have you been on Facebook at all today? If you have you probably saw numerous ads for someones online course or the new hottest product on the market.

For this reason, Facebook ads are extremely effective because they get what you have to offer in front of everyone.

Running FB ads is not all that difficult either. With the help of this program you can get successful campaign started today!

There are some disadvantages though when you decide to use Facebook ads to grow your agency.

For one, Facebook ads cost a lot of money (at least to be effective). This means a good chunk of your revenue will be used plugging it right back into the ads.

The average click through rate for an FB ad across any industry is 1%. For all the money your going to be putting into this, it may not seem like a worthy investment.

Lastly, some people just hate being advertised to. People are on social media to be entertained. When you take time out of their entertainment, they will be less likely to like what you’re selling.

Simply put, they’ll view you as another one of those spammy gurus.

Now you might be asking, “Ippei then how do you suggest I get more clients?”.

The first thing I would recommend is to build a website advertising your services and applying SEO to it.

What this will do is get your name to the top when people are looking for the type of services you offer.

It’s basically lead generation for yourself.

Personally, I have known many people who have seen massive growth in their agencies and businesses because they have decided to have people come to them rather than seek them out.

I think this way is highly effective because you are not having to interrupt anyone’s time on social media to sell them something they don’t particularly want. You are targeting people who are actually looking for what you provide.

The drawback with this method is that a lot of people offer SEO and because it is more of a global term, it can be harder to rank for, which means it can take longer to get in front of your target market.

There is another method of getting clients that works just as well if not better.

Enter leads in advance.

By far, I think this is the easiest method of getting clients. It just requires a little extra work on your part.

This method just requires that you already have a site up and running for the city and market you’re targeting.

I practice this method personally and have a conversion rate of 80%. Yes, some people just don’t want to grow for whatever reason, but that’s a rarity.

What I do is set up a website and start generating leads and send them off for free to a business in town I think I would like to work with.

I ask nothing of them for a few weeks and I just monitor the calls to make sure things are running smoothly.

After they have had sometime to make that extra dough I enter the picture and see if they would like to move forward with something mutually beneficial.

If you’re trying to scale your agency, I recommend using on of these methods I mentioned today.

Want to hear more about how you can use lead generation and SEO for yourself? Click here to get started with the lead generation coaching program that changed my life!