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FB Master’s Program Review 2019 – Another Scam Course?

If you are an entrepreneur who only knows Facebook for friend updates, then it’s time to take FB Master Program.

 Social media is quickly becoming a powerful platform for online sales and those who have the inside track on the techniques for leveraging Facebook can easily generate a steady revenue stream.

What is FB Master’s Program?

This complete course covers every aspect of Facebook advertising. Whether a small business owner looking to use Facebook for local sales or a digital marketer who wants to become a Facebook master for their client, this total package delivers all the hacks, tips and secrets to boost business.

FB Master’s Program Summary

With this course under my belt I could easily transform steady traffic funnels to e-commerce sites. I could sit back and watch the conversions. It was that easy.

The course covers A-to-Z steps in the process, so you never miss any important points.  You’ll learn all the basics and the very best in advanced Facebook ad management.

·         How to define and follow Facebook traffic to online sites

·         How to retarget ads to grow your segmented audience

·         How to develop lead campaigns on Facebook

·         How to build powerful ads that drive conversions

·         How to target niche audiences for greater sales

·         How to optimize during the selling process to get superior results

The power of this course opens up the Facebook back end dashboard and shows you the works. See how to create ads easily with just a few lines of copy and an image.

Implement a pixel and track your traffic perfectly. Your reports will show how every follower from your Facebook ad goes to your site—all the way to final conversion!

You can oversee competitor pages. Learn their tricks and use them to enhance your selling power.

You even learn about the different types of Facebook ads available. If you need leads, they have  a Facebook ad for that.

If you have a special offer for your local business, you can use that ad type to drive foot traffic and phone calls to your brick and mortar store.

What’s really exciting is how easily you can segment target audiences. You can tag followers of brands similar to your own. You can even target and piggyback on the competition pages. Yes, this amazing course will reveal that hack!

And if you are a local biz, then you can even implement geo-targeting.

Imagine, reaching customers who live right down the street from your restaurant, your store or office. This is just one of the many ways this versatile social media platform serves businesses.

And the course does not just leave you with the basics. They show you how to optimize your campaigns, so you don’t waste your money on random clicks.

They show you how to read the metrics properly, so you can know exactly what you get for you spend. It’s the most cost-effective digital advertising available!

The conversion rates are amazing. The traffic is phenomenal. Just think how much more your business can grow with the power of Facebook backing you up.

Facebook Ads Can Be Effective, But Here Is Why I prefer Lead Generation Instead.

Running FB ads can be one of the best ways to get your business out there and increase brand awareness. Afterall, who isn’t on Facebook at this point?

Facebook allows you to target your specific market so that you are reaching people who are most likely to be interested in what you provide.

Even though there are quite a bit of pros for running Facebook ads, there are some downsides to be aware of.

  • Facebook ads are expensive as hell. Be prepared to spend 30-40% of your revenue on plugging it back into the ad budget.
  • Scaling through Facebook can often be difficult. After a while your ad will begin bleeding into a less than ideal market which can lead to down votes and the inevitable death of that specific ad campaign.
  • People are on Facebook to be entertained, not advertised to. Because of that, click through rates for ads across all industries average out to 1%.
  • Ad performance fluctuates day to day and so does the CPC which means that if you don’t monitor your campaign carefully, you can be in the red real quick.

So why do I prefer lead generation over Facebook Ads?

Well for one, I don’t have to worry about interrupting anyone’s social hour on Facebook by showing them an ad for something they don’t want to buy.

In fact, I make sure I don’t have to leave a bad tasted in their mouth by spamming their feed.

What I do instead is rank on the first page of google for a popular local search term like this.

This is better because we are creating a triple win situation.

We are helping the customer find the best service in town for what they need done.

The business owner is helped by getting an extra job to grow his or her monthly revenue.

And we make some money by getting a little slice of the pie.

This site for example is for a business I work with just off of commission.

This is a skill that pays the bills.

Competition is also slimmer than that of Facebook ads. Almost everyone knows how or can learn how to set up an ad campaign in one day.

The market for Facebook advertising is extremely saturated which makes differentiation difficult.

With lead generation competition is virtually non-existent at the local level because most people don’t know how to rank a website.

This means that within about 3 months, we will be at the top like this.

We are also allowed much more time with lead gen compared to Facebook.

Remember how I said you will have to always monitor your campaigns?

With lead gen once your site is built and ranked you don’t have to worry about it anymore, it works for you, even while you sleep.

This site has made me 750$ a month ever since I built it back in 2014 and it only took 14 hours. I have had much more time to enjoy my life with lead generation which is the main idea of a passive income opportunity.

Want to hear more about lead generation? Click here for more information on the lead generation coaching program that changed my life!