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Income Boss Review 2019: Johnny FD, Scammer?

A course on how to start and then monetize your brand online.

By creating independent locations and an income that is passive via blogging.

Applicable to both beginners and those already with blogs, YouTube channels and websites.

Shines the light on making money fast without taking a decade of time.

Johnny FD

  • Sole founder of income boss.
  • Being a fulltime independent entrepreneur since 2013.
  • Main purpose of creating this course was for a way to share his experience with the world which took him more than 10 years.
  • Being able to tour the world due to his passive income.
  • He created his first version in 2015 naming it as earnest affiliate.
  • Earnest affiliate received a bad reputation for the fact that people were willing to trade in quick bucks for real relationships.
  • Growing up in California and graduating from a credible university with honors.
  • Later getting his dream job of being in corporate.
  • Johnny found out that wearing a suit and tie was very boring and started to venture into making money online.
  • During summers, he has been living in Europe and scuba diving in Thailand in the winter.

Income Boss

  • Generating your income online via;



YouTube channels



Facebook page and groups

And any other mode of online audiences

  • Below is a class curriculum


  • A clear introduction to your success.
  • What is contained in the course and how to navigate the system.
  • The reliable 80/20 rule on success.
  • Preparing to be a boss.


  • Harvesting what you possess already by unleashing the gold.
  • Boss branding by making you invest $10 which will be the best cash you have ever spent.
  • Working on your idea from zero by showing you how you can start from no site at all to authority.
  • Getting to become the content queen or king in your niche.
  • A clear blueprint to your first ever five posts.
  • A follow along challenge that will help you move from being zero known to authority.


  • Traffic that is massive which is getting a lot of visitors to your site for free.
  • White hat SEO which is getting tons of traffic that is organic till time immemorial.
  • Researching the keyword and SEO, finding and dominating it.
  • Making peoples traffic your own.
  • Machine content that is distributed, creating it once and gaining profit.
  • Getting featured on high authority sites that are real in order to link you to your site.
  • Hate and love kind of traffic to gain new readers and connections.


  • Sales funnel.
  • Machine building.
  • Building email list.


  • Selecting products.
  • Affiliate partnerships unlocking.
  • Offer crafting.

Case Studies

  • Promoting everyone’s needs.
  • Physical products.
  • Triple dipping your income.


Creating Blogs And YouTube Channels Are Good For Passive Income, But Here Is Why Lead Generation Is Better (IMHO)

With it being nearly 2020 we are about 20 full years into the internet age. The internet has provided many people with the ability to not need a job anymore and live the life they want.

One of the most popular ways people like to try and make money online today is through blogging and YouTube.

The reason why these models are so attractive is that you can pretty much post and create content about whatever you want and get paid for it.

With a blog you are typically getting paid through affiliate links or paid promotions and YouTube typically pays through ad view.

If you make it big in any of those two spaces, you can travel wherever and whenever you want and do things on your timetable.

There are some downsides to the two models however:

  • Blogging SEO is incredibly difficult because you are having to compete for global keywords.
  • On both platforms it will take a lot of time for you to get a following so you need to be able to push out content for more than 3 months straight.
  • With YouTube you only get paid 18$ per 1000 views which means you will need an ungodly amount of views to make a decent living.
  • Competition is extremely stiff as there already giants in most niches that people will gravitate towards over a newbie.
  • Over time the profits you earn per post and video will decline because people rarely click on the old stuff. Basically, once you start pushing content you can’t stop.

So, how is lead generation better than both of these models?

For one, competition isn’t nearly as stiff or hard to beat.

The key is to work at the local level and rank for local buyer intent keywords like this.

At the local level you are only having to compete against maybe 15-20 other businesses websites, but they likely don’t know the first thing about ranking.

Plus, it’s easier to compete against 10’s instead of 1000’s.

In most cases you can rank a site within 3 months.

The next thing that lead gen does better is time.

Blogging and vlogging means that you will have to push content constantly and all that can take a lot of time.

There is only so much you can write and record in one day, but the goal is to get more time right?

Lead generation leverages time by being able to generate calls while you sleep.

I have a few taxi and limo sites that get calls at 2 and 3 am when I am just knocked out. But the owner answers and takes the calls so I get paid.

Plus creating and maintaining these sites don’t take all that long anyway. This site only took 14 hours to build and I haven’t ever had to perform maintenance on it.

Probably the best thing about lead generation is that the sites are worth a lot of money and it is completely passive since they draw in the same amount of leads each month.

An average lead gen site is worth 1000$ a month.

By just doing some simple math you can find that 10 x 1000 = 10,000.

Just 10 sites and you will be making 10k a month completely passive. Sites just like this.

What would that do for your life? Where would you go and what would you do?

If you are ready to learn more about lead generation, click here to get started with the same lead gen coaching program that changed my life!