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Instagram Mastery & Monetization Review 2019 – Josh & Josh, Legit?

Instagram is about more than just sharing pictures. This social media platform is also a monumental moneymaker.

 Monetizing your Instagram account is lot easier than most people think. You don’t have to be a social media specialist to master the basics. Soon you can begin driving a passive revenue stream using this single social media channel.

 It all begins with jaw-dropping insight from Instagram masters Joshua Pena and Josh Forti.

Who are Joshua Pena & Josh Forti?

This pair of social media masters have leveraged six figure business through all sorts of channels. They discovered the power of Instagram almost by accident.

As part of their media campaigns they always included Instagram as part of the mix. They noticed something unique on Instagram that was a gamechanger.

What did they find? Powerful traffic streams and amazing click through rates that surpassed all other channels, including Facebook. They delved deeper into the Instagram back end and started monetizing.

They eventually developed a system and a strategy that can be scaled almost effortlessly.

Instagram Mastery & Monetization Summary

The secret hacks revealed in this course turn Instagram into a powerful marketing tool like no other. I found that there are lucrative niche markets on Instagram that most sellers don’t know about.

The two Joshes showed me how to research and target these markets. By building micro followings of specific customers you can earn big bucks. The two Joshes show you how this method lets you outperform those marketers who use bots and fake followers to drive traffic.

This is all legit. With this unique strategy the two Joshes show you how to steal followers from competitive Instagram accounts. This isn’t hacking or any black hat stuff. This is just a powerful approach to swaying audiences in your direction.

Once you established a target audience, the real fun begins. Here is what I gained from this course:

·         How to turn your followers into Instagram brand ambassadors

·         How to grow audiences with video content

·         How to monetize content based on seasonality

·         How to determine loyal audiences from one-time buyers

·         How to interpret Instagram data and optimize for huge earnings

What is truly amazing is that this proven formula for success can be replicated. You can create multiple Instagram accounts targeting varied niche audiences. You are essentially building a revenue driving Instagram empire.

And the two Joshes show you all the ways you can monetize your Instagram accounts. Yes, there is more than one way to make money on this platform.

You can drive traffic for ecommerce sales. Whether your site or a client’s you can earn site traffic money with clicks.

Build lead lists that can be turned into a commodity to sell to other businesses. Use Instagram to nurture leads and sell those leads for top dollar.

Use your platform to build subscriptions and develop lasting sales as an affiliate marketer. You can amp up subscriptions and increase revenue as a successful Instagram affiliate.

These are just a few of the ways you can earn big. The two Joshes are ready to teach you more.

Instagram And Facebook Can Be Great Things To Monetize, But What About Lead Gen?

Social media has been a huge thing is past few years when it has come to monetization. As previously mentioned it can be used to generate lead lists, ecom sales, and affiliate sales successfully.

There is a lot about a business model like this that people find appealing. A couple of the main things are that you can work on this entirely from home as well as the fact that it is not difficult in the slightest to set up an account.

However, there are some drawbacks to social media monetization that you should be aware of:

  • As of Late 2019 Instagram is taking away likes, which means it will be tougher to track engagement.
  • Because social media is free, thousands of others are trying to monetize these platforms just as you are.
  • Facebook ads can be really expensive if you are doing it for your ecom site, like 30-40% of your revenue expensive.
  • Using Instagram for affiliate marketing is already difficult as it is since thousands of others are doing it, but now you add in the even crazier competition of affiliate marketing online.

How might lead generation be better?

Lead generation at the local level isn’t nearly as competitive for one thing.

When you are on social media for affiliate marketing or ecom, you are having to compete with literally thousands, if not millions, of people who are doing the same thing as you.

At the local level we only have to compete with maybe 15-20 businesses and they typically have no idea on how to rank a website.

In most cases we are able to take the top spot on google for a given search term in about 3 months.

On top of that, people are on social media to be entertained and not sold too. If you are not careful in how much you promote a product, or how many ads you put out for a product, you can quickly get viewed as spam by most people.

With lead generation we actually rank for buyer intent keywords on google. We decide to rank on google because people are not on there for entertainment, but instead for information on how they can get something done.

The best way help the customer is by being number one.

Lastly, lead generation is more profitable and passive.

Once we have a website up and ranked, it will produce for us on autopilot. This site hasn’t been touched since 2014.

If you were to leave an Instagram or social media account for that long, it would die. To be successful with social media, you need to constantly push out content, and that can become golden handcuffs more than anything else.

And as a bonus, if you send leads in advance to a business owner, you will have no problem getting someone on as a client.

Has this piqued your curiosity in lead gen? Click here to get started with the same lead generation coaching program that changed my life!