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Internet-Based Branding Review 2019: Frank Kern, Genius?

Are you still stumbling through your marketing?  

Any business owner will tell you that marketing is the hardest part of making a business work.  That’s how we felt.  In business for more than a year and still mainly selling to friends and family.

Does that sound like your business?

Great product, reasonable ad budget, killer virtual storefront—but stagnating sales?

We’d read every mainstream ad book we could find.  We asked every business owner we knew.  But we couldn’t seem to break through the invisible marketing wall.

Then we found out about Frank Kern.  

Who is Frank Kern?

–On the surface, he’s an average dude who likes beer and surfing.

–Underneath that though, he has an amazing people-sense.

–Kern knows how to get to the heart of selling, and he’ll show you too.

–Frank is an author, mentor, and fan of Mexican cuisine.

–He’s also a marketing genius—the kind who can change your life if you let him.

–Frank Kern is the author of Convert 2.0 “How to Create Internet Campaigns That SELL.”

So why do I need Convert 2.0 “How to Create Internet Campaigns That SELL.”?

Well, maybe you don’t.

Is your business generating all the work you can handle?

Do your ads on Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram perform beyond your wildest dreams?

Does the very idea of learning new things fill you with an unhealthy combination of dread and boredom?  

If these questions have you nodding, it’s possible that you don’t need to invest $6 in a book to boost your internet marketing.  That’s right, it’s only six dollars.  


Do you wish you could raise your sales numbers by say, a quarter?

Would you like to be able to quit your day job and devote yourself full time to a profitable business of your own?  

Ever wish your internet ads would take off like others you’ve seen, or that you could bring in a steady stream of new customers without raising your ad budget?

With a little boost from Frank Kern in the form of one highly affordable book—you can!

Before we go any further, you should know that this book isn’t like winning the lottery.  It’s a tool that shows you what you might be doing wrong.  The book will teach you the basics, and tricks you might not know (or have learned using outdated techniques).

You need to be ready to put in the work.

Ready?  Cool.  

Be ready to spend an afternoon reading through the book, and maybe taking some notes.

Before long, you’re likely to be bursting with ideas to implement all the cool new stuff you just learned.  That’s what happened to us.  In fact, I think it took me an extra day to get through it all because I kept stopping to make adjustments to our current ad plan.

I can’t exactly say that Frank Kern’s book and video changed my life.

But he did give me exactly what I needed to change my own.  

Internet Ads Can Help, But The Best Advertising Is Being Number 1 On Google (IMO)

If you are running an internet marketing business on the side and you are looking to quit your job, then it’s no wonder why you would try Facebook Ads, Instagram, and YouTube.

These ad platforms are widely chosen because of their potential reach. I would wager that 99% of the US population is or has been on at least one of these platforms.

That being said, even though the reach is far and wide, these platforms aren’t all that effective.

Here’s a short list of why:

  • These are all social media platforms and people are on there to be entertained, not sold to.
  • Facebook Ads in particular are expensive as hell, like don’t be surprised if you’re spending 30-40% of your revenue on the ad budget.
  • On Instagram the click through rates are 1%.
  • The Facebook ad click through rate is averages 1% across all industries.
  • 70% of people skip the ad on YouTube which means you just paid money to get skipped.

The reason for all these poor statistics regarding these platforms is that they are over saturated with ads and people are sick of it.

I used to run ads for clients on these platforms as well, but when my clients weren’t happy with the results, I knew I had to switch things up or else I lose money.

It was around this time I discovered lead generation.

The model is so simple I slapped myself for not figuring it out sooner. Literally everyone goes to google when they need something done around the house.

All lead generation really consists of is building a website that ranks at the top of page one on google.

The way that you do this is by ranking for buyer intent keywords like this.

One of the first things I discovered with this business model was that competition is virtually non-existent.

This is because there are so many cities in the world to work in and you are not having to compete on a platform where thousands of others are advertising for the same thing.

At the local level I am only having to compete with about 15-20 different websites and the best part is that the businesses that built these sites likely have no idea what it takes to rank.

This is why I am able to go in and dominate so quickly.

When you follow the process, it will only take about 3 months to rank in any given area.

Lead generation also allows for a lot more free time.

Beforehand I was working a full-time job while running different ads on the side. The ads require constant monitoring of the CPC so that I never enter the red.

With lead gen once I have a site built, it starts working for me immediately.

This site only took 14 hours to build and I haven’t had to touch it since completion.

Lead gen makes bank as well.

Profit margins with Facebook ads looks to be 50% on average.

Lead gen margins are nearly 100% because the sites take little to no maintenance each month.

All the monthly fee goes to your pocket.

Considering that these sites are worth 1000$ a month on average, you will be rolling dough fairly quick.

Let’s just do some math.

Assuming you have 10 sites:

10 x 1,000 x 12 = 120,000

With just 10 sites you would be making 10k a month and 120,000 a year.

The best part is that all this income is passive!

Wouldn’t you say that’s a good amount to be able to quit your job like I did?

If you want to learn more about the skills I learned, click here to get started with the same lead generation coaching program that changed my life!