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Jaw Dropping Local Review 2019 – Ben Adkins, Scammer?

Jaw Dropping Local by Fearless Social is an online marketing course by famous digital marketing expert, Dr. Ben Adkins.

This well-drafted and useful course is an all-around guide that teaches its learners the various tips, tricks, and ideas about how they can maximize their clients’ visibility and profits locally by the usage of Facebook Ads.

He teaches some unique approaches to Facebook Ads that you might have never thought of.

This Course also teaches users about how they can create offers which can turn into leads for clients.

Who is Ben Adkins?

– Dr. Ben Adkins is a world-famous digital marketing expert and sales maximization guide. 

– He was born on 6th January 1983 and he lives in Jonesboro, Arkansas with his wife, Kelli Jo Adkins. 

– Ben is the founder of the world-famous marketing portal, Fearless Social.

– He is a certified online instructor and blogger and he has been a part of this industry for a relatively long time.

– When it comes to driving leads from social media or locally, Ben is an expert. 

– Most of his courses revolve around the subjects of social media maximization and local lead conversions. 

A Summary of Jaw Dropping Local by Ben Adkins

– This course has been specifically devised by global marketer and social media specialist, Ben Adkins. 

– The first part of this course explains to learners how they can create a great offer for their clients’ business and how these offers can be converted into leads. 

– This course lays special focus on the subject of audience targeting and audience segmentation. Both of these techniques are very important in every client’s growth. 

– This course teaches users how they can penetrate their brand or business in any niche from the start. 

– Ben has also shared his personal recipe of how he creates business offers that clients just can’t refuse. 

– In this course, Ben has also shared a few low customer business deals which can be applicable in eateries, salons, fitness centers and home maintenance and delivery services. 

– To make sure that clients don’t face many hassles in designing these offers, he has shared a set of Ad creatives which can be used by those who have enrolled in the course. 

– He has also provided instant access to the ClickFunnels Account so that every user is able to use their funnels immediately.

– This course is very well-defined and Ben is truly a master of his subject. 

– Conversion of leads is the most difficult part of every marketing project or strategy and Ben’s effortless techniques have uncomplicated the most complex step and made it easy to be understood well. 

– This course comes with two different versions, the first version is the Jaw-Dropping Social regular course which is priced at $99.95 and the second version is the Jaw-Dropping Social Advanced course which is priced at $199.95. 

– Both the courses are unique in terms of depth of study and analysis and are highly rich in useful content and information that all users would like to explore and learn.

Conclusion: Facebook Ads are Great for Businesses and Marketers That are Looking to Make Money, However, Here are Some Reasons I Think Lead Generation Via Organic Ranked Websites is Better.

Facebook Ads are great because they are easy to figure out and you can start your first campaign in a matter of hours.

If you find the right client and the right funding you can see some serious profit on your end as well.

What Ben has done here is given you the information to make it happen for yourself as long as you follow his advice.

There is a struggle with this model though that has made think twice and once I found lead generation, I pursued it instead.

Facebook Ads are great because you know people will see them, I mean not a day goes by where you don’t see ads in your feed.

However, when you are in your feed are you looking to be sold to? Of course not, you are looking for entertainment and so is everyone else on Facebook.

When you place a Facebook Ad on a feed somewhere even if it’s your target audience, they may be off put because you interrupted their entertainment.

Facebook Ads also cost a lot too. And, depending on your deal with the business, can start eating into your profit margin.

Facebook also reserves the right to shut down your account at any point in time and it sucks. You could be running the most successful campaign ever and get shut down in the snap of a finger.

With lead generation I have found solutions to all of these issues.

Let’s start with interruptions.

There are none. The only time people find my site is when they are looking for service’s I have a site set up for.

Take this site for example, I have ranked for the tree service rental keyword phrase you see here, and I am at the top. This means they only see me when they are looking for me.

Next would be cost, people often think that it takes a lot of money to build a website. It really doesn’t. Thanks to tools like Weebly, Wix, and GoDaddy, you would top out at 100$ a month per site if that.

People could throw a couple hundred into Facebook ads a week.

Now for profit margins, with a lead gen site, once ranked organically, you are bringing in calls that typically are worth 1000$ a month. Now let’s just say you decide to outsource everything, you are still looking at a 75% profit margin. Where else do you see that?

Lastly, you own your site. As long as you are not super stupid and promote anything bad your website won’t be taken down at any time for no reason like Facebook Ad accounts.

I have grown my online business to 7 figures by using this business model and would love to help you out, click that link to find out more!