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Media Buying Masters Review 2019 – Justin Brooke, Genius?

Becoming a buyer of master media in just but a week.

Turning campaigns that you paused in to very profitable winners.

No matter how impeccable you are there gets a point where everything goes horribly wrong.

What’s rare is coming across success when trying something out for the very first time.

The skill to turn failing campaigns to money making campaigns is what separates sheep from wolves.

Lack of this skill limits you from expanding and growing your business and costs you money.

Turning flops into fortunes will make you fearless with your ad spending.

Justin Brooke

  • This all started for Justin when he noticed that something was missing.
  • As an advert firm proprietor, his staff members that kept wishing for him to fix their failing campaigns.
  • A compassionate man who goes an extra mile of carrying his staff to seminars about the easiest promoting methods and advertising.
  • He landed an internship in 2007 working for an internet millionaire.
  • His work was to test the millionaire’s promoting and advertising packages which awarded him with an education for a lifetime.
  •  He then started speaking on seminars all around the globe.

Media Buying Masters Course

Other courses teach you how to create and use ad campaigns but don’t teach what to do when things fall apart. This is what separates this course from others like it.

  • Make decisions on data driven ideas not emotional driven.
  • As a rookie in this type of business you can get emotional, guessing what should be written in ads, that’s why this course was invented. To help you focus.
  • Learn how to let go of fear in to your campaign which leads to turning off campaigns that should have kept going.
  • Study on how to read your data on your campaign and how to guide your decisions.
  • Having data driven decisions is compared to clay which you can mold in to whatever you want.
  • Quit winging it and begin using campaign frameworks.
  • Learn why looking for ideas on other ad campaigns isn’t the best idea because those ad campaigns may not be running at all.
  • This course teaches you that in order to have consistent results you have to have consistent processes.
  • If you want to be successful in media buying it requires learning the importance of clean account structure.
  • Optimizing micro-conversions.
  • Get the skill of how to optimize sales and new leads in macro-conversion.
  • Learn how the many micro-conversions lead to a sale or new lead.
  • Get the knowledge of identifying and analyzing micro-conversions and how it helps you convert dying campaigns in to cash cows.
  • This course will show you how not to give up when your campaign fails, instead use micro-conversions to turn it around.
  • With well explained modules, you will learn;
  • Thinking like a pro media purchaser.
  • Bulletproof monitoring and irresistible commercials.
  • Reducing costs without disabling your campaigns
  • Rising income for every dollar that’s used in commercials.
  • Where to get your resources.
  • Instruments used to make million dollar campaigns.

Well unlike most courses that just show you ways of winning in ad campaigns, this course teaches you what to do when you are on the verge of losing everything in your ad campaigns.

Why Ever Put Yourself In The Position To Save When You Can Always Win With Lead Generation?

This course is great if you are super passionate about running ads on various platforms and how to save them if you are ever in need to do so.

He teaches you how to think like big media companies when it comes to advertising.

Although there are some obvious pros to his style of thinking, there are some drawbacks when it comes to ads in general which is why I personally don’t like running ads.

  • Facebook ads are super expensive.
  • You have constantly monitor your CPC because it constantly fluctuates which can lead to lost time on your end.
  • Click through rates through various online ad campaigns via social media are low.
  • Competition is extremely high.

For the sake of the argument let’s assume you are wanting to sell a product online and are using ads on Facebook or YouTube to market the product.

You will likely have to spend 30-40% of your revenue on more Facebook ads to keep your sales regular.

The click through rate on a Facebook ad is only 1% YouTube is higher at 2%. There is a reason why they are so low though.

People who are on social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube are wanting to be entertained, not be advertised to.

Competition is extremely stiff with these methods as well. Just about anybody can set up a Facebook ad campaign or YouTube advertisement which means millions of other people are competing with you for the same product.

Enter lead generation.

I have chosen to pursue lead generation over running ads for a multitude of reasons.

  • I make more profit.
  • The competition is virtually non-existent.
  • Websites are assets that work for me.
  • Click through rates are 30X as high.

The number one reason why I do lead generation is because it is easier for me to make money.

We get to charge 1000$ a month on average when we have a site on the first page at the top because of how many leads it generates.

In some cases when we work on commission (low commission rates for higher ticket jobs make a lot of money still) I have results like these.

The competition at the local level is virtually non-existent because I am ranking for local keywords.

I do not have to worry about targeting a market that millions of other people are targeting as well.

Studies show that the number 1 spot on google has a click through rate of 31% which is much higher than any Facebook ad campaign or YouTube campaign can promise.

Lastly, the websites are assets that work for me. After I have them built and ranked they are non-stop lead gen machines that constantly generate leads for a business owner.

This is different than ads because you always have to work to make sure the ad is in the right target market so bleed through rates are low.

With lead gen we target people who are looking for a service to be done right away without having to worry about interrupting people on social media.

If you are ready to learn more about lead gen, click here to get more information.