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Messenger Bot Academy Review 2019 – Blake Toves, Scammer?

Does your business need a messenger bot?  Are you completely confident that you know what a messenger bot is?  It’s okay if you don’t.  But if you’re a business owner or manager, a marketing expert, or just someone who wishes they were selling more in less time—a messenger bot might be exactly what you need.

Succinctly put, a bot is a program that automates a task—any task.  If you check your website hits for the week or month, you’ll notice that some of the unique hits on your site are from bots.  That’s okay.

Building and running messenger bots can be a great boon to your business.  They can save time while nurturing potential clients or buyers.  It’s also great for people who aren’t available during regular business hours—or whatever hours your clients are most likely to shop.

I have Black Toves to thank for my newfound knowledge of messenger bots.  His class has helped me make great use of these, and I love how easy it all was to set up.

Who is Blake Toves?

Like me, he’s a former McDonald’s employee who wanted something better.

Toves is the owner and operator at Alpha Style Media.

In college, Blake served on the UCO Student Association and was president of the Entrepreneurs and Innovators Society.  

Blake Toves is also the dean of the Messenger Bot Academy—which means he’s the man with the plan.  

What exactly is Messenger Bot Academy?

As you might expect, it’s a course that teaches everything you need to know about messenger bots for Facebook Messenger.

Whether you’re a business owner, a branding expert, or a marketing specialist focused on digital and ecommerce—this is THE course to take if you’re looking to get into (or perfect) your skill with messenger bots.

Why should you build a messenger bot?

–To have a way for customers to interact even when you’re not available.

–So your customers will feel attended to any time.

–Bots are more customer focused than a simple website

–To educate customers or field their product or policy questions.
–Stay in contact with customers without hiring extra staff or lengthening business hours.  

–Helps your CS team know what clients are commonly asking about.

–Reaching out to customers who have abandoned their carts

–Improves response times (crucial for Facebook)

Building a chatbot isn’t something you can muddle through without help—especially if you’ve never done it before.

Once you do though, you can promote it, monitor it for questions it can’t answer, and even use it to monitor overall customer satisfaction.  

I’ll be honest.  This is the sort of thing I wasn’t sure I needed.  I was even less sure that I’d be able to build and activate a viable chat bot.  But with some help from Blake Toves and a bit of a time investment—it’s going great.  If I can do it, really, anyone can! 

Using Messenger Bots To Get Clients Can Be Successful, But What About Using Leads In Advance Instead?

Without a doubt, Facebook has changed the game when it comes to being able to advertise your business to people.

We are all aware of Facebook ads and how those are not as successful as they had been before.

That is why a lot of people are now spending big money on setting up their own chat bot so they can leverage their time and hopefully get new clients in the process.

What are some pros about using a chat bot?

  • You can leverage your time and get more important things done.
  • Chat bots natural language processing is becoming more advanced day after day which means differentiation between a bot and human is becoming difficult.
  • You can build one yourself.

What are some cons about using a chat bot?

  • If you can’t build a chat bot yourself, good ones are super expensive.
  • Using a high-quality chat bot is an absolute must!
  • Most chat bots have similar communication patterns people can pick up on.

So, why are chat bots not necessarily as good a might be promised?

If your chat bot isn’t up to par people can start associating your profile and business as fake, maybe even spammy.

Although you and your company could be legit, a new prospect could only have a chat bot to associate you with and if its not good, well you know…

Here is why I think sending leads in advance is more effective in getting clients for lead gen.

  • It gives business owners proof of your services.
  • They can judge your quality by what you send through.
  • After they see you can provide consistent calls over a 2-4 week period they are always willing to work out something mutually beneficial.

The hardest part about any business, especially starting out, is getting clients.

I think the best way of getting the clients especially for lead generation is by giving results in advance because business owners and people in general often times need to see something tangible.

It is difficult for the human mind to believe in something they can’t see. We were taught from a young age that if it sounds to good to be true then it probably is.

Lead generation can give off that same feeling to business owners in service-based industries who literally need new jobs to survive.

It just helps a lot more in their mind if you can show them something real because they need it.

If you are trying to find a client in a new area, you can use something like this.

This is a call sling account that has records of phone calls from one of my lead gens.

If you can give the owner some sort of proof that you have done this before, they will be more likely to move forward with you as compared to some sort of bot that can’t hold steady conversation.

Want to learn more? Click here to get started with the lead generation coaching program that changed my life!