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Millennial Marketing Agency Review 2019 – Frank Salas, Big Fat Fake?

The Millennial Marketing Agency is an online course created by Serial Entrepreneur and Marketing Consultant Frank Salas.

The course teaches how you can create a social media marketing agency even if you’ve never ran your own business.

“MMA’s” curriculum dives into the most popular social media channels and what strategies work best with those platforms.

I like that the course not online teaches about running your own agency but it also provides bonuses about sales and the best way to generate clients for you new agency.

Who is Frank Salas?

Frank Salas is a serial entrepreneur from Texas.

He also considers himself a digital nomad as he is an international recruiter and travels the world about 90% of the time out of the year.

He is a lead generation expert but focuses all of his efforts exclusively on Social Media.

Despite being born homeless and English being his second language, he was able to build his first business at the age of 20 leveraging social media marketing.

He hasn’t looked back since and has built himself a small fortune that allows him to travel the world while teaching others the skills he has learned along the way.

He mostly enjoys yoga and smoking cigars while traveling as he built his business to be pretty automated.

Millennial Marketing Agency Summary

The curriculum of the course dives into the many aspects of building a social media marketing agency. 

Here’s some of things covered throughout the course:

  • Cold-calling crash course that is accompanied by high effective scripts created by Frank himself.
  • You’ll learn how to setup your social media operations so that your business runs smoothly and effortlessly.
  • How to best use paid traffic for the 4 biggest social media platforms in the world.
  • How to close sales and become an expert at client retention.
  • How to target business owners using Facebook ads
  • You’ll get in-depth case studies that show how some of his students have built their own media agencies.

You’ll also get the scripts and templates that Frank creating that allows he business to run effortlessly. 

You’ll gain tons of first hand knowledge from Frank and learn his best tips that he used to grow his own business.

He not only wants to teach you how to build your business but how to delegate certain task so that you’ll have the time to take care of important business task such as generating clients and keeping them happy.

Frank is a master at putting everything together and I really love the fact that he shows you the principles that have allowed him to flourish.

He also does a great job of providing support materials that you’ll need while building your agency.

It’s almost as if you getting an entire business handed to you, you just have to be ready to put in the work and get ready to watch your business grow like you couldn’t have imagined.

Lead Gen On Social Media VS Ranking On Google

Lead generation is a huge business that is widely unknown, the profits that can be made from it are so insane you wouldn’t believe.

Many millionaires actually made their first millions by being lead generators, people like MJ DeMarco come to mind.

There is a lot of debate as to what is better method of getting those leads. Some people will say emails, some will say social media, and some will say through websites.

There are some benefits and drawbacks to both methods.

Benefits of social media lead generation.

  • Almost everyone is on platforms like Facebook and Instagram so your ad will be seen.
  • You can set up ad campaigns on these platforms as soon as today.
  • It is not difficult to learn Facebook advertising, this course walks you through it and there are other free beneficial videos on YouTube as well.
  • Thanks to updates, you can target people who might be looking for the service your client offers.

Drawbacks of social media lead generation.

  • Most people are on social media for entertainment purposes, not to be advertised to.
  • Facebook is becoming increasingly strict which is leading to quite a bit of ad accounts being suspended without notice or reason.
  • Scaling can be difficult because you will eventually bleed over into a less than ideal market which will lead to eventual death of the ad through downvotes.
  • You have to constantly monitor the CPC or you will quickly be in the red.

Now let’s talk about lead generation through websites.

Unlike social media lead generation, website lead gen is much less competitive.

Everyone and their grandma can set up a Facebook ad campaign, but few people have the knowledge and patience to rank a website.

On top of that you are only having to compete against maybe 15 other businesses in the area for certain keywords. This means that you will be able to rank in about 3 months.

Furthermore, websites see more active engagement.

Basically, people on Facebook are not looking for the services your client offers which is why the average click through rate on FB is 1%.

Being at the top spot on google on the other hand has a click through rate 31%. This is because when people need something done, they go to google. They are already sold on the service our client can provide.

We see more profit with lead gen websites as well.

Usually for Facebook you have some sort of budget plus your management fee.

Most people will take 50% of the monthly and plug into ads while the other 50% is theirs to keep as profit.

Our lead gen websites allow us to see a 95-100% profit margin. Sound crazy? It’s not.

After we have a site up and ranked, it doesn’t take much money to keep it there. That means we have something that is bringing in leads that we don’t have to pay for.

Basically, you have to keep plugging money into your ad account to see profit while with websites you don’t.

Websites are also much harder to take down compared to ad accounts on Facebook. Because of that added security knowing my site won’t be removed for any reason at any given point in time, I prefer website lead gen.

Interested in learning more about lead generation through websites?

Click here to get started with the same lead gen coaching program that changed my life forever!