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Modern Traffic School Review 2019 – Dan Kennedy, Real Deal?

If you’re a business owner with an online presence, you already know that traffic is king.  Without traffic, a business withers and dies.  This was true when “traffic” literally meant cars or people physically coming to a business to buy things.  

These days, traffic more often refers to unique visitors to a web site or sales page.  This traffic is generated from content, ads, affiliate links, or other types of online sources meant to drive eyes to our products.

Sadly, online traffic generation techniques that worked two decades ago are completely invalid today.  How’s your geocities page doing (defunct)?  What’s your MySpace friend count up to?  Exactly.  You don’t have to Ask Jeeves to be told that the internet changes pretty darn fast.  

I was discussing this very topic in a chat room when another business owner suggested I check out Modern Day Traffic School, and told me a bit about Dan Kennedy.

Who is Dan Kennedy?  

He’s a 30+ year veteran of the business world.

In the 90s, he decided to take a lifetime of knowledge and technique and turn it into a series of courses to help other business professionals.  

His programs run the gamut from all facets of marketing, to building a business, copywriting, traffic generation, and generally trouncing your competition.

Dan is a writer who has made multiple bestseller lists with his extensive catalog of business books.

Kennedy is also a world traveler, mentor, advisor, and consultant to some of the biggest businesses in the world.

Dan Kennedy is the creator of Modern Traffic School.  

What is Modern Traffic School?  How do I know if it’s right for me?

–Are you internet savvy (or getting there)?

–Feeling ready to put in the work to revamp your marketing strategy?

–Are you looking for ways to improve traffic to your business website?

–Have you thought about using podcasts to generate leads?

–Do you want to remove traffic as a limiting factor in your marketing strategy?

–Would you like to have a massive advantage over the competition?

–Do you want to use Facebook or Twitter to generate leads?

–Have you thought about producing YouTube ads or videos for your business?

–Would you like to learn about affiliate marketing and how it can help you?

–Do you have a skeletal marketing setup already? 

If this sounds like you, then yes.  Modern Traffic School is a great investment for anyone who has their business up and running, and needs a boost to get the steady stream of high quality traffic you need.

I loved getting all the “secret” information on tricky topics like list management and truly impactful content marketing.  I didn’t think there was any use for direct mail these days.  But I was shocked at the results.

You get a ton of stuff with this program.  But what you’ll get out of it, if you’re anything like me, is even more impressive.  

There Are Many Ways To Generate Traffic, But Don’t Over Complicate It

It looks like you are trying to draw in more traffic to your sites, if you are still reading.

This course shows you many ways to generate traffic to your site and they all have some unique perks.

  • People are always on Facebook and YouTube so your ads will be seen.
  • Affiliate marketing can help boost your own sales and even bring in some extra on the side if you’re are selling someone else’s product.
  • You can work from home and do all this without having to make calls to some advertising company.

There are some issues with these ways of generating traffic that you should be aware of.

For the sake of the argument let’s assume you are trying are trying to generate leads for a client on Facebook.

  • Facebook ads are crazy expensive, you can expect to take 30-40% of the revenue and plug it back into your client’s campaign.
  • The rules on Facebook are getting increasingly more strict and this has led to some people’s ad accounts being suspended or removed without any explanation. That can be bad if that ad is for a client because it makes it more difficult for you to deliver.
  • Facebook ads are difficult to scale because after a while they will bleed over into a less than ideal market which will lead to downvotes and the eventual death of the ad.
  • The CPC with keywords are constantly fluctuating which makes it difficult to leave a campaign unattended.

It is much simpler, in my opinion, to just focus on drawing leads from google by ranking number 1.

How do you do this?

Well unlike Facebook where there is always something new, all it takes to rank organically on google is optimizing your website for keywords and getting high quality back links.

Getting ranked on google has a lot more perks than Facebook ads in my opinion as well.

  • The click through rate is 30x as high compared to FB ads.
  • You are not interrupting people by trying to sell them something they may not want.
  • Once ranked, you don’t have to constantly plug money into it like you would a Facebook campaign.
  • It is worth more to be ranked on google.
  • The competition is much less than that of Facebook ads.

On google, we choose to rank for buyer intent keywords in a local area because people are already sold on the service and they are looking for the best business to work with. We make the connection happen.

When we get a site ranked on google it is common for us to be able to charge about 1000$ a month. This is because we have high click through rates and call rates like this call log shows.

Most people know how to run FB ads so its difficult to differentiate since everyone is making the same types of ads.

On the flip side however, most people do not know how to rank a website which means when we are trying to rank in a certain area we only have to worry about maybe 15 other businesses as compared to the thousands on Facebook.

Are you interested in learning how to draw in more traffic with google? Click here to get started with the lead gen coaching program that changed my life.