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Monica’s No Face New Mover Marketing Review 2019: Bob Ross, Elite Scam?

An at-home business that really generates income is hard to find. Until now.

With New Mover postcards, you can generate a steady income, no stress and it’s easy work.

This program also beneficial for the end user. It helps connect consumers with the right businesses. After all, someone new to the neighborhood can use local companies for their services.

That’s why Bob Ross loves this program.

Who is Bob Ross?

Bob Ross was like a lot of people. Circumstances required him to stay home and yet he still needed a way to make money. He become involved with New Mover Postcard mailings thinking he could at least make a little extra cash. It turned into a whole career.

In fact, Bob became so successful with the program, that he needed to spread the word to others in his situation for help.

One of his mentees, became just as successful. Monica is now the poster child for amazing new mover postcard results. Bob even named the program after her.

Monica’s No Face New Mover Marketing Summary

No face is important. There are a lot of reasons we have to work at home. Children. Disabilities. Taking care of an ailing parent.

 That’s where this program comes in handy. No face means you don’t have to be an expert salesperson. No cold calling. No glad handing.

It’s a simple process that gets you the cash you need without any hassle.

Here’s how it works:

·         You acquire information for new movers to a community

·         You file that information and pass it on to local businesses

·         Create and mail postcards promoting those businesses

·         You get paid

It’s that simple. But how do you gather this vital information?

That’s where Bon and Monica both found their talent.

Using email scripts that are spot-on effective, they reached out to new movers with invitations to learn more about businesses in their new neighborhood.

Bob and Monica even provide their proven email templates for capturing data. You can learn how to customize content to fit your end user.

Bob will teach you everything that he and Monica have mastered:

·         How to organize data so that it remains accurate

·         How to optimize data so that it stays up to date after a certain period

·         How to create the most effective emails

·         How to translate your data into mailable postcards

There is even a module on generating an online payment form so that your work turns to money even faster.

The beauty of the program is that you can launch your new business from anywhere. You don’t even have to market to businesses in your community.

You can reach out to communities around the country and build engagement from your home base.

This is the ideal program for anyone who loves helping others but just doesn’t have that sales savvy.

You can also really bring benefits to consumers who have just moved. They are always ready to learn more about their community, and the New Mover Mailing Program gives them info on great places to eat, shop and discover.

Find your career calling…at home. 

How I Took This Idea And Applied To The Internet And Making A Five-Figure Per Month Income From Home

The idea of referrals has long been a great way to make money. Businesses have no problem with the idea of spending money to make money.

When you think about it, anytime a business buys new equipment, they do so with the intent of it helping them make more money.

In our case as lead generators, it is trackable for them.

call log for trackability

The idea of sending out post cards to new people in the area and then sending out that info to businesses works, but there is a lot of time that passes between all those steps.

Furthermore, unless its bills, people tend to throw away all the other mail as junk.

I have chosen to pursue lead generation via the internet because I find it more efficient.

The way I look at it, the internet is open 24/7 and it never sleeps.

In fact, I have some sites up for limo and taxi businesses that get calls when I’m sleeping. The internet has allowed me to make money in my sleep!

Another thing to consider is times we are living in. People don’t pay attention to physical mail or even email as much as they used to.

Instead, when people need something done around the house, when they are new in town, the first thing they do is google it.

Wouldn’t it make sense to take this business model and modernize it for the internet age?

That’s what I have done, and I have been able to make a 5-figure income per month from it.

So, how did I do it?

The short answer would be SEO but let’s break down what that is exactly.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. When you follow best practices, you can get your site to the top of page one.

The main way we do this is to rank for buyer intent keywords such as the example listed below.

Ranking for these keywords aren’t all that difficult because most businesses don’t know the first thing about ranking a website.

In most cases you will be able to take the top spot for a certain keyword within 3 months.

This way of lead generation is also less time consuming.

You can build a lead gen site out in literally a matter of hours.

This site only took me 14 hours to build/rank and it has been cooking for me ever since.

It also leverages time.

Whereas in the program where you have to wait for the physical mail and be on their time, we set up call forwarding systems and online forms that get sent right to the owner’s phone and email.

This gets money in the owner’s pocket and our pocket much quicker.

So how much do services like ours cost?

Generally speaking, a lead gen site is worth 1000$ a month because of how much it generates.

Once you have 10 of these bad boys up you are making a passive 5-figure per month income from home.

Interested in learning how to start an online referral business like me?

Click here to get started with the same lead generation coaching program that changed my life!