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Next Level Instagram Marketing Review 2019 – Dariusz Birnback, Young Scammer?

Do you market on Instagram?

If you aren’t, you probably should be.

Instagram is a great place to reach your target audience—whether you’re selling products, services, or information.  But you have to know-how.

Who is Dariusz Birnback?

He’s the creator and developer of this course, Next Level Instagram Marketing.  It began as a side gig.  Once he hit his stride, the money came pouring in. 

He studied digital marketing in Germany.

Before he began developing courses, he built a huge Instagram following without spending a single dollar on advertising.  Later, he monetized it and scaled it to earn tens of thousands every month.

He can’t promise you’ll do the same, but he can teach you how he did it.  He can also help you scale your current business using his techniques.

Birnback’s students number nearly 200—all of whom have increased their success using Dariusz’s techniques.

Who is this course for?

Because Birnback starts at the beginning, you don’t need to have an established business to begin this program.  Nor do you need to have any online accounts or web stores yet.

It’s also great for new business owners or those looking to supercharge their marketing.

More established businesses can also benefit from NLIM if they aren’t having their desired success with digital ads.  The information contained can be applied to any subject or field.

You can expect to learn:

–The right mindset to proceed

–How to set up a digital business

–Developing corporate identity

–Memberships, and how they help

–Drop-shipping and eBay tips

–Creating content on multiple platforms

–Landing page design

–Funnels and other additional tools


–Advanced influencer marketing

–Advanced monetization

What I liked about Next Level Instagram Marketing:

Birnback is a solid instructor, though some might have difficulty with his accent.  I think it’s nice.

He’s clearly excited about the subject matter, and that is infectious.

Dariusz seems genuinely invested in the success of his students, even after he has their money.  That’s rarer than you might think.

You get a lot of information for a very affordable price.  $200 is not much at all to learn how to build a digital business from scratch.

There’s more good information being added every month or so.  Not bad for a single investment. 

What I didn’t like:

The first thing that happens is that you get a mountain of information dumped on you.  It feels like more than you can ever get through.  I felt totally overwhelmed at first, and unsure where I needed to begin.

That wasn’t a good feeling.

Updates went up later than expected.

Some of the interview videos were sort of rambling and not very helpful.  I found out later that these were not part of the course, just bonus content.  That made me feel better.

Overall, this is an affordable course (under $200) that offers a lot of great info for beginners and new digital marketers.  

Instagram Marketing Is A Way To Make Big Bucks In 2019, But What About Lead Gen.

Are you ready to quit your 9-5, ditch the rat race, and start making some real big money?

If that’s the case marketing on Instagram to help with your dropshipping or other online business is the way to go!

There are some really nice perks when it comes to advertising on Instagram.

  • Almost everyone is on Instagram, ok not really, but 800 million users are active monthly.
  • The users on Instagram are younger than the users of Facebook which means they are more likely to impulse click and buy.
  • Instagram ads can be cheaper than that of Facebook.

There are some downsides to Instagram ads though, I think it is important for you to know some of the drawbacks before you add this to your marketing plan.

  • You will have to constantly monitor the CPC so you don’t go over budget or lose your profit margins.
  • Click through rates on Instagram are slightly under 1% which means that people really aren’t on Instagram to buy stuff, they want to be entertained.
  • Even though this younger generation is full of impulse buyers, they are also some of the quickest bouncers because as soon as they see something they don’t like they leave.
  • Marketing on Instagram is super competitive especially for dropshipping because everyone is trying to sell the same product which makes ad differentiation difficult.

What is lead generation and how is it easier to make money with it?

Lead generation can be done many different ways, the way I am going to be talking about it today is with ranking websites on the first page of google.

With lead generation we are actually helping customers and business owners, it’s a win-win-win situation.

We help the customer find the best business to work with for the service they need done because we only partner with the business in town we think is best.

The business owner is helped by receiving another job to further grow his business and income.

And we win by get a little slice of the pie via commission or monthly flat rate.

Competition is also less than that of Instagram marketing. Everyone knows how to make an Instagram account, but nobody knows how to rank websites.

This means that our profits for our services will stay high.

It does take about 3 months for our sites to rank as shown here, but that should be viewed as a blessing because some people won’t wait that long to see results which means less competition.

Furthermore, it is easy to outrank websites at the local level that are already present because they likely weren’t optimized correctly in the first place.

We’re able to have more free time to live our lives with lead generation as well. Once we have sites set up and ranked, they require little to no maintenance which means freedom.

This site makes me 750$ a month and I haven’t had to touch it since 2014.

You have to constantly watch over your Instagram ad campaigns.

What are you waiting for?! Click here to get more information on the lead generation coaching program that changed my life!