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Real Estate Lead Gen Course Review 2019 – Stephanie Deneke, Real Estate Genius?

Realtors traffic in leads. New sellers. New buyers. That’s it.

So, what if there was a way to generate leads automatically for them? With Stephanie Deneke’s Real Estate Lead Gen course you can learn how to become a specialist in lead generation specifically for the real estate market.

Your clients are realtors who need leads and you can deliver them with a simple tool and some basic know-how.

Who is Stephanie Deneke?

Stephanie Deneke is a digital marketer who has specialized in lead generation for many businesses. She realized one of the hottest industries where leads mattered most was real estate.

She focused in on developing a program that was specially designed to deliver buyers and sellers to every realtor’s email box. This is the course that shows you how it’s done.

Real Estate Lead Gen Course Summary

No matter what area of the country you live in, real estate is booming. I realized that real estate agents were all over the place scrambling to get new leads every day. This course put me in a sweet spot where I can start capitalizing on this very need.

Stephanie shows you how to set up ads that reach out to potential buyers and sellers. Every ad delivers on clicks from these audiences and collects their key info.  So, interested buyers see a handsome property, click on it and you request their info for follow up. That’s it.

Then you deliver this information to agents at cost. You can rake in tons of money just by sitting back and watching the fill-in form gather data.

And sellers are part of the picture too. Stephanie shows you her secrets of how to use the program to get their information as well. You can’t lose when you have data!

What’s really cool is that this tool that Stephanie devised is completely automated. You can walk away from your home computer, take a nap, go to the movies—whatever you want. When you get back you have an email box full of hot leads.People looking to buy real estate is valuable data that can be sold to realtors in your client list, so the earnings never stop.

Stephanie also provides some ad templates for specialized property listings. So, you have copy already written for promoting condos or new construction properties.

Stephanie also shows you how to place the ads, so you get the biggest bang for you spend.

Just imagine your real estate listing ads running across the digital landscape:

·         Post to geo-targeted audiences on Twitter and Facebook

·         Use SEM and AdWords to capture buyers searching the internet for properties

·         Place ads on real estate sites where buyers are searching most

You don’t need to be some tech guy to know how to run this program. The cost is minimal, and the ROI is fantastic.Before long, you will have a thriving client list of realtors begging for lists of buyers looking for properties.

You can build your business in your own backyard using zip code listings or scale your business to cover neighborhoods around the country.

This opportunity is too exciting to miss!

Lead Generation With FB and Adwords? Why I Think Ranking Organically Is Better (IMHO).

If you are in the lead gen game it’s no wonder why you think you should give a go at Facebook ads and google adwords, after all, they have some pretty nice pros.

  • You can set up Facebook ds and google adwords within the day and get traffic right away.
  • Facebook and google have streamlined the set up process to allow even the least techy of us to hit the ground running.
  • Almost everyone is on Facebook so your ads will undoubtedly be seen.
  • Adwords pays your way to the top which means you’ll be the first thing people see for your desired search term.

There are some drawbacks with using Facebook and adwords for lead gen though.

  • Facebook ads have a 1% click through rate which means you will have to plug a lot of money in to see a decent amount of leads coming in.
  • The average click through rate for a google adword campaign is 1.91%.
  • A Facebook campaign can be suspended at any time for reasons often times unknown which means you lose whatever income you had with the ad.
  • Google adwords look spammy.

Why I think ranking organically is better.

The click through rates when you rank organically are much higher. The number 1 spot on google for any given search term has a click through rate of 31%.

The reason for the higher rate is because people view the number 1 spot with authority.

When they see people with paid ads they automatically think low authority because they aren’t “good” enough to be on the first page the right way like us.

Ranking organically costs less as well in the long run. Let me explain.

For one you can rank completely free, but if you are wanting to speed up the process you can outsource backlinking.

If you outsource the most you could possibly spend before ranking is about 1000$, this may sound like a lot, but remember that Facebook ads and google adwords are something you have to plug in hundreds a month for on your end.

After you rank it doesn’t take much money to keep you there, so it is cheaper in the long run.

This leads into how ranking organically is more valuable as well. Because we have higher click and conversion rates, we can charge more because of how much our clients make.

This tree service site for example is completely off commission but still makes me 2k a month. When did you here of a Facebook ad or adwords campaign do that?

There is also less competition in ranking sites organically. It may sound confusing, but I’ll break it down.

It is really easy to set up a Facebook ad or adwords campaign so that is where people flock to. It’s tougher to wait for a site to rank and most don’t see the long term goal so they don’t even try.

This means for any given area the most competition we’ll see is maybe 15 other sites we have to contend with for the top spot.

That’s better than the thousands we’d have to compete with on Facebook or adwords if you ask me.

Are you interested in learning more about how you can rank sites organically? Click here to get started with the lead generation program that changed my life!