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Run Facebook Ads for Local Business Review 2019 – Real Deal?

While most marketers are trying to nab those big whales on Facebook with ad campaign proposals, there is a secret and lucrative area of Facebook advertising that is quietly growing and thriving.

Local ads for Facebook are becoming one of the most profitable channels for social media marketers. We are talking solid and provable ROI with campaigns that work.

 If you are new to Facebook advertising or know nothing about local channels, this course can help put you on the path to making more money through niche marketing that is literally in your backyard.

What is Run Facebook Ads for Local Business?

This course was designed by upstart social media marketers who tried what the others are doing now. They chased the big dream of handling the social spend for Fortune 500 brands.

Of course, this is really hard to accomplish. These brands have Madison Avenue ad agencies and social media marketers costing them millions in ad spend. When these startup guys failed, they looked for other ways to make a buck on social. That’s when they discovered local FB.

Now their business is booming with huge local ad spends and tons of customers. They wanted to pass on their great discovery to others and created this course as a guiding light for all those social media marketers who are looking for a better way.

Run Facebook Ads for Local Business Summary

Advertising to local businesses is really an easy and effective way to make money. Local businesses really need this service and you can help.

Also, the results are real. You can generate actual food traffic to pizzerias and dry cleaners. You can deliver solid web traffic to local sites. And this is from audiences in the same zip code.

Here is what I learned:

·         How to help small business create great Facebook Fan Pages

·         How to leverage local audiences through organic growth

·         How to reach out to expand audiences through zip code-based ad campaigns

·         What to look for in my metrics to optimize

·         How to make money with small businesses on a budget

·         How to scale my FB business beyond my neighborhood

I was creating ads that helped many of the businesses down the street from me begin to flourish. I was able to launch special offers into resident FB feeds. I could build those businesses with shared reviews and referrals.

Businesses in my town were seeing me as a hero. I could make some serious money while helping them drive traffic. And what they loved was that it wasn’t just numbers on a spreadsheet.

Business owners could see upticks in sales. They actually had customers coming in with the offer they saw on Facebook. It was amazing.

There is even a section of the course that shows you how to run local promos. A mini sweepstakes can really drive business and the results are fantastic.

You don’t need a million followers to be a success on Facebook. With local business FB you can really change your career and become a powerful force in your own community.

Why I Think Local Lead Generation From Websites, Is Better Than Facebook ads.

Facebook Advertising for local businesses can be a great way to make some money.

Ever since Facebook has become mainstream, people have found ways to make entire livings off of just advertising.

Here is a list of pros for Facebook Advertising.

  • You can learn how to setup and start campaigns from your home.
  • Small businesses believe in Facebook ads because of the name Facebook, so it’s easier to make a sale.
  • It is relatively affordable to start up.
  • Almost everyone is on Facebook nowadays which means people will see your ad.

Even though the pros are pretty good, every good pro has its con…

  • Facebook ads can get super expensive if left unchecked. This is because of the constant fluctuation of the CPC.
  • People are on Facebook to be entertained, not advertised to. This can leave a bad taste in the mouths of possible consumers if you scale your ad to the point of it looking like spam.
  • Everyone can learn to or already knows how to set up a Facebook ad campaign which means ad differentiation can be difficult to accomplish.
  • Facebook can suspend or completely shut down an account at any given time if a community guideline is broken. The worst part is sometimes a violation never even occurs. All your success can be gone in the snap of a finger.

Why do I think lead generation is better from websites?

With websites, we don’t have to worry about appearing spammy or interrupting anyone’s social hour on Facebook.

Instead, we choose to rank for buyer intent keywords from people who are already sold on the services the business is providing.

This is easier than Facebook in my opinion because you are having to try and win over the interest of people who may not be interested whereas if they are interested they are likely to go to google for the answers.

Unlike the CPC of Facebook ads, lead generation is stable. After a month or two, once you have a site ranked, you will be able to predict just how many leads you will receive each month while you are at the top for months and years to come.

For example this lead generation site is based off of commission but this site consistently generates enough traffic to make me 2k a month.

Lastly, our time is more disposable.

Running ads on Facebook means you will have to stay up to date on all the latest rules, market trends, and CPC values. A lot of your time will be wasted.

With lead generation once you have a site up you can relax, if you’re comfortable, or move on to the next one, if you’re in hustle mode.

This site for example makes me 750$ a month and I haven’t touched it since 2014 when I started.

Want to hear more about how lead gen can change your life like it did mine?

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