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SMA Course Social Automation Review 2019 Vin Clancy, Con?

Are you looking to increase your social media engagement?

It’s probably safe to say that for anyone who advertises on the same websites you see what your high school classmates had for dinner—the answer is yes!

Enter Vin Clancy and his course.

Clancy looks like the hipster in line in front of you at the coffee shop, who doesn’t quite know what he wants.

Who is Vin Clancy?

He’s young.  Very young.  But if you want to know the latest social media tips and goings on, it makes sense to consult a young person.

Clancy is an author, lecturer, entrepreneur, coach, and social media maven.

Within the last five years, Vin has gone from living on government assistance to six-figure earnings.  How?  By harnessing the power of social media.  That sounds impressive.

Clancy has appeared in many trade publications including Vice, Outlier Magazine, The Telegraph, and Tech City.

What is SMA Course Social Automation?

Before enrollment, it makes sense to download the free “cheat sheet” for social media marketing.  However, the link didn’t work.

But wait…because after I tried the link twice, I received two different Emails from Vin Clancy, promising the free stuff but never actually giving it up.  Instead, it was full of upsells and announcements.

This makes me suspect that there was no technical error.  This was merely a disingenuous way to get their hands on my Email address.  Of course, I expected to be signed up for notices after giving my Email—but I also expected the free item that was promised.  With that in mind, I’m skeptical about Vin and his honesty.

Who is this course for?

SMA Course Social Automation might be right for you if you:

–Already have a business to hype or a product to sell

–Have social media profiles on all major networks (or want to)

–Are desperately looking for ways to stand out from the crowd

–Looking to inspire increased engagement

–Want a larger reach and more interaction

–Hoping for a higher click-through ratio and increased sales

Whether your business has broad appeal or is super niche, Vin Clancy has some ideas that are likely to help.

The issue is that the presentation is not very professional.  I wouldn’t suggest that all the lessons be scripted, but much of it sounds like he’s making it up as he goes along.  He probably isn’t.  It’s likely just a lax attitude and an abundance of casualness. 

I found myself feeling frustrated while sifting through what turned out to be some decent content.  I’ve come away with a few helpful tips that I hadn’t thought of before.

This is an acceptable way to get tips on standing out on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  But if you’re looking for major guidance and a coach you can look up to—this is probably not it.  

Social Media Marketing Can Be An Effective Way To Make Money, But Here Is Why Lead Generation is Better (IMHO)

Let’s assume you already have a product or have a way of finding good products but are just looking for ways to sell them.

Social media can be a huge help in getting people to see your products and where to buy them. Almost everyone is on some form of social media.

Paid ads such as these are also a good way to get traffic to your site or store immediately instead of having to wait a few months for your site to rank.

There are some cons about using social media though so let’s walk through them.

Facebook ads are super expensive. I’m talking like spending 30-40% of your total revenue expensive.

Another type of drawback is the CPC rate between different platforms. Because CPC is in a constant state of fluctuation you have to monitor your campaigns carefully or you will quickly be in the red.

The last con worth mentioning is that ads on social media are frowned upon by the users. People are on social media to be entertained, not to be sold to.

Which means if you advertise too much, people could get a bad taste in their mouth from you.

With all that out of the way, why do I think lead generation is better?

With lead generation we are actually helping people find the best service in town instead of trying to sell them something they might not want.

In our case they are already sold on the service, they just need to find the best person for the job. We show them who the best one is by ranking that business at the top locally.

Facebook ads have a click through rate of 1%, the number 1 spot on google has a click through rate of 31%.

Social media marketing is also much more competitive compared to lead generation.

You have to rank for global keywords that millions of other people are trying to rank for whereas with lead gen we are just ranking for different cities and towns.

Lead generation also allows for more free time to do what I want.

Isn’t that the whole reason to quit your 9-5, so you have more time?

As I mentioned earlier you have to constantly check your CPC for all of your different campaigns, even if you’re paid well you are losing time.

With lead gen I am able to have both.

Sounds crazy but hear me out.

Once I have a site up, ranked, and getting leads, the site literally works for me.

You always have to work for the ad campaign.

The website always has to work for me.

What does this look like? Take a look at this site. It took me only 14 hours to build/rank and it has been making 750$ a month for me ever since.

Oh yeah, and I haven’t to touch it since 2014 after I ranked it.

What are you waiting for?! Click here to get started with the lead generation coaching program that changed my life!