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Social Media Manager School Review 2019 – Good Investment?

This is a grand platform where growing a more profitable business is taught.

Suitable for all the social media managers and consultants.

Providing services online and offline at business retreats.

Globally connecting with your peers for training and networking.

Teaching on how to use all of the information provided to build and grow your very own business.

Social media manager school

Here are ways of building your profitable businesses’;

  • Learning new methods of designing your business to suit you as a consultant or social media manager.
  • Included are 4 large modules containing methods that will make your business efficient and successful and many more.
  • Below are some of the modules;

Module 1: searching and finding new clients which mostly include marketing, scripts and strategies.

Module 2: how to manage clients that already exist which comprises of communication and reports.

  • Creating monthly reports.
  • Pricing your services.
  • Managing the community.
  • Learn how to often talk to your clients on a daily routine.
  • Having multiple communication options.
  • Using your own swipe copy for your blog posts.

Module 3: work organization including calendars, systems and tools.

  • Top tool list that is time tested.
  • Finding the best and right content for your site.
  • Setting up your mobile office.
  • Best online meetings and conferences.
  • Using your must have edited calendar.
  • Guidelines for blogging.

Module 4: managing of money comprising of contracts, billing and pricing.

  • Comparing how much to charge to your competitors charges.
  • Crafting winning proposals with provided templates.
  • Creating your own one paged simple business plan.
  • Not losing money by estimating time offered for monthly contracts.
  • Using different tool servers to manage your billing.
  • All modules are accompanied by video trainings, templates and downloadable templates.
  • An all access to a library that is updated.
  • The library includes video tutorials with proven tactics.
  • Tactics that are intended to reach your audience on any social platform chosen.
  • Also included are lessons on social media. Some of these lessons are;


  • Filling in gaps you might have.
  • Creating attractive posts.


  • How to understand twitter analytics.
  • Daily checklist for twitter marketing.



  • Using keywords for a higher reach on heavy searching.
  • Ecommerce 101 on pinterest.
  • Tracking social ROI.


Creating successful content for instagram.

Using hashtags successfully.


Posting from company page.

Using groups and pulse in order to reach new prospects.


  • The course comes with a supportive community.
  • Giving access to a dedicated community that is private on Facebook.
  • The community allows you to share your expertise and having connections that last.
  • Included is content from the social media strategy school.
  • Discovering the 4 steps needed to build your very own social media strategy.
  • Inspiration from some of the online and local businesses.

Social Media Marketing Can Be Profitable, But Here’s Why I Think Lead Gen Is Better

Within the last 5 years there has been a crazy social media boom on the internet.

So much so that businesses have began seeing the importance of creating their own social media accounts to reach out and communicate with customers that way.

We have seen this with big companies on twitter who like to have fun roasting each other every once in a while.

All jokes aside it’s an effective marketing tactic because it helps brand awareness.

Brand awareness is something businesses will pay big money for.

What’s nice about social media marketing is that it allows you to work from the comfort of your own home.

There are some issues with social media marketing you should be aware of though.

  • People are not on social media to be sold to, they want to be entertained.
  • Click through rates on social media platforms are extremely low. for example, Facebook ad click through rates are only about 1%
  • Ads can also be super expensive, what ever budget you do have, expect to use 30% of it on running the ads themselves.
  • The market for social media marketing is super saturated. Most young people know how to run social media so everyone is trying to do it, making it a cut-throat market that drives down cost of your services.
  • Even if you were to try video marketing with YouTube, 70% of ads are skipped.

Now here is why I think lead generation is a better option for making money online.

With lead generation we are not having to sell anything to anybody or interrupt their entertainment.

In fact, we are actually helping them.

We decide to rank for buyer intent keywords so we can get in front of people who need the service done asap.

Honestly, it’s a win-win-win situation. Let me explain.

We help the customer find and get the best service in town because we only work with good businesses.

Win 1.

The business is helped out because they get to add an extra job for more income so they can grow like they want to.

Win 2.

We are the ones that help bring the two together and get a little sliver to deliver.

Win 3.

Competition is also less stiff when compared to social media marketing.

With social media marketing you have to compete with thousands of other people who are trying to optimize their pages for the same things.

In lead generation we are only having to compete in a local area which means instead of competing with millions, we only have to compete with 15-20 at the worst.

I was once trying to place a plumbing website in a city near me and there were 15 other companies in the area. Look at this example.

I was still able to rank in 3 months because their sites were poorly optimized. That’s another thing to take note of, most sites at the local level aren’t optimized properly.

The one drawback you may come across is that it is difficult to convince business owners that you can bring them leads. The best way to do this is send them leads in advance for free to prove your value to them.

Has this piqued your curiosity in lead gen?

Click here to get started with the lead generation coaching program that changed my life!