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The Agency Society Review 2019 – Danny Veiga, Legit?

The Agency Society is a collection of five digital marketing courses offered by Danny Veiga.

Each course is targeted at a specific market opportunity including the market available in your local area, Facebook and how to get more clients.

Who is Danny Veiga? 

He is an entrepreneur and business coach specializing in helping businesses increase revenues by using digital marketing and social media.

His videos on YouTube make him seem like a knowledgeable and likeable guy.

Has more than 11 years experience in creating his own agency.

Grew his Facebook group to 52 thousand members at a record-setting pace of a little more than 12 months.

Also has done speaking and hosting of Masterminds throughout the United States.

The Agency Society – Danny Veiga Summary 

The Agency Society website consists of 5 courses offered by Danny Veiga. 

“Agency Society Blueprint Success” is the first course listed and promises to show you how to create an online business earning six figures.

The course includes:

  • 30 videos
  • A checklist 
  • A flowchart
  • A proposal template
  • Access to the private “Agency Society” Facebook group.
  • 4 bonuses that they say are worth $1,100

“Rapid Local Marketing” is next and this one claims it will teach you how to create traffic and get leads using the latest in digital marketing, all in your local neighborhood.

This one does not really go into detail on what it includes. It just says that you will be given access to content and each month will be on a single topic from beginner to advanced. It is charged at a monthly rate.

Next up is “Facebook Ads The Essentials”. This one says it will teach you the basics of Facebook Ads and how to apply them to the ad needs of businesses. This one is free!

“Roadmap to Facebook Ads” says it will also show you how to master the local market, presumably using Facebook Ads.

It also includes 

  • 18 videos
  • a troubleshooting section 
  • access to the private Agency Society Facebook group

There are also 4 bonuses:

  • #1: Cold calling scripts to get your foot in the door.
  • #2: a 5,000+ lead funnel for Chiropractic businesses 
  • #3: Email scripts that have generated more than 6 figures in sales
  • #4: A recording of one of Danny’s presentations on Hacking The Data from the Dallas Mastermind event

The site claims the total package has a value of more than $5,000 but is selling it for $297.

The last course is called “Client Getting Strategies”. This one is all about strategies for gaining clients.

Included are:

  • 37 videos
  • Study guides and checklists
  • Access to the private “Agency Society” Facebook group.

And 4 bonuses which are the same as those offered in the “Roadmap to Facebook Ads” course.

The site once again claims the total package has a value of more than $5,000 but this time is selling this one for $497.

Final Thoughts:

My impression of Danny from the few videos I watched is that he is an honest guy out there to make his money and show you how to do it also.

Conclusion: Facebook Ads are a Good Way to Make a Quick Money, But, IMHO, Lead Generation is More Sustainable in the Long Run

There are a multitude of ways to make money online. Facebook Ads is one of the many popular ways right now.

I have seen people make a lot of money with this method as well. So, it is definitely possible to make a full-time income out of just it alone.

I do want to be 100% transparent with you guys though and let you in on how this game really is.

Let’s get into it.

The market is getting really saturated with this method so even if you find a client you may be having to compete with someone else so that means you might have to low ball your pricing which could cut into your profit margins.

You are also having to interrupt someone’s day by trying to sell something, I mean you don’t like it when ads come up in your feed do you?

Facebook Ad pricing (CPC) also varies day to day, this is just another way that it might cut into your profit margins.

Ads are very trendy to which means a campaign that works today will not work tomorrow, and sometimes that effect can be devastating. To stay on top with Facebook Ads you need to pretty much be on your computer all day.

Another issue is that Facebook can decide to shut down your account at any time, now that’s scary.

I actually know a guy who built up a few different successful Facebook Ad campaigns and made about 6 grand. Then one day he woke up and found that Facebook had deactivated that account.

He was really frustrated.

Back in 2014 I came across the idea of lead generation. Basically, we just build websites that generate leads for small businesses because our sites are in the top spots and are clicked first.

Check this one out for example, this was my very first site. It took me about 14 hours to build and rank and has been making me 750$ a month ever since. Unlike Facebook Ads this allows me to have truly passive income.

Our profit margins are super high too. Even if you decide to outsource everything from build, content, backlinks, and citations you will still see a near 75% profit margin.

That is because our services are rare and not everyone knows how to do it, and we just take 10-20% of whatever we bring the business owner they don’t mind giving us a sliver to deliver.

We even have ways of tracking the amounts of leads we send them so that they know how many calls are being generated from us.

Its not hard to sell our services either, if you are confident in your skill set and the business owner is still giving you a fit about the price just go at it from a pay per lead deal. There is no risk for them at that point and if they balk at that then they aren’t even worth working with in the first place.

Some of my highest monthly sites are pay per lead and pay more than a flat rate would.

If this has piqued your interest and you want to learn more about lead gen, click that link and I’d love to talk with you some more.