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The Agency Summit Review 2019: Andrey and Dov, Scammers?

Do you wish you could add at least $100,000 to your income from your agency business consistently by bringing in new clients?

That type of money could change anyone’s life but it doesn’t have to be unattainable.

It’s something that is very real and could happen for you and your business with the right guidance.

Which is why I present The Agency Summit created by Andrey Polston & Dov Gordon.

The Agency Summit is the ultimate event for any entrepreneur or agency owner looking to improve their business tremendously.

The event is for serious people who are ready to take that step to the next level.

You’ll learn tips and strategies that effectively have helped others grow their agencies.

It’s not just Andrey and Dov either, this event will be filled with experts who are highly respected in their fields and know what they’re talking about.

You’ll love how much information and value you can get from attending the Agency Summit.

Who are Andrey Polston & Dov Gordon?

Andrey Polston is an entrepreneur and marketing expert.

He has been involved in the marketing and consulting industry for almost 10 years now.

Andrey spends most of his time doing what he loves, which is helping agency owners grow their business.

Dov Gordon does similar work, he loves to help consultants and coaches scale their businesses by gaining more clients.

Dov has been able to help numerous companies and individuals with his marketing prowess and tactics.

The Agency Summit Summary

The Agency Summit is for owners ready to make that jump and earn an additional $100,000-$300,000 in revenue for their business.

Every speaker you’ll be learning from has a proven track record and is a hard worker.

You must come prepared and like a sponge ready to soak up all the knowledge.

Here are some things you’ll learn during the event, but trust me there’s much more you’ll gain:

  • How to begin bringing in a steady flow of clients.
  • The key to avoiding “information overload” and how to apply the right information at the right time.
  • How to break that glass ceiling and take your agency to the next level
  • The strategies that will allow you to raise your fees almost immediately
  • What it takes to build and operate a 7-figure consultancy business.
  • How to generate tons of clients every month through effective social media strategies.

It’s really an out of this world experience and you’ll be extremely happy you decided to attend the Summit.

This is the chance to reach heights you’ve only dreamed of, even if things feel like they can’t get any better right now. 

Did I mention that you can attend the Agency Summit for free?

I don’t think this deal could get any better, because you’ll be provided with all of these strategies and tactics and you won’t have to come out of pocket.

That’s because Andrey and Dov wanted to make sure you save your money to be able to test out those strategies you’ll be learning.

They’re really great guys and you are going to have a blast taking your business above and beyond.

Here’s How I Scaled My Income From 0 to Six-Figures

I am an internet marketer who now focuses on lead generation and SEO for websites.

Before I listened to this summit, I didn’t really have any direction and was trying all sorts of things from ecommerce to affiliate marketing and even trying to run Facebook ads.

These online business models all had their own problems though.

For example, ecommerce was extremely competitive because I was having to sell the same hot product that millions of others were trying to sell online.

Affiliate marketing was difficult because I had to generate ungodly amounts of money if I wanted to see a half way decent profit.

Even though I was successful at running the Facebook ad campaigns, my accounts kept getting shut down for stupid undisclosed reasons that eventually just made me give up.

I started to focus on lead generation which was much less competitive and much more controllable.

The competition at the local is pretty much a joke. I only have about 15-20 competitors in any given area and they all likely don’t know the first thing about what it takes to rank a website.

That makes my job super simple.

I also have much more control because I own the website. When it’s out on the internet no one can take it down because I own it. Just make sure you keep up on those domain fees.

What is nice about lead generation is just how much money is in it.

Most lead generation sites are worth about 1000$ a month because of the amount revenue they generate.

And because it doesn’t take long to build these sites, you can scale very quick.

How quick?

This site only took me 14 hours to build and I haven’t had to touch it since.

When I finished building 10 of these sites, I was able to quit my job and pursue this “full-time” even though it didn’t feel like it since I had so much more time on my hands.

But these won’t do anything for you unless you have clients, so how did I get them?

Most internet marketers will call small businesses up and promise them hopes and dreams, or they will send them one of those broadly cast nets in the form an email campaign.

I realized that if I wanted to be successful in the space that I had to stick out.

What better way to stick out than to give the leads away for free?

That’s exactly what I did.

When I started to just forward the calls the site produced to an owner, I was able to do two things.

  1. I was able to legitimately help a business bring in more money.
  2. I could monitor the phone calls to see if they were really someone I wanted to associate with.
I use this call log to monitor how they treat customers

By sending leads in advance, you are able to gain value in the business owner’s eyes because they are seeing the proof in the pudding.

This method has gained me clients the quickest and I have a success rate of 80%, although I think it would be 100% if I didn’t accidentally contact owners who are about to retire.

Are you interested in learning more about how to scale to a six-figure income with your lead gen agency or even learn lead generation skills?

Click here to get started with the same lead gen coaching program that changed my life!