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The ROI Method Review 2019 – Scott Oldford, Legit?

If it seems like you’re spending more on digital ad sales then pulling in, then it’s time to take a step back.

You might be handling your sales funnels all wrong.

Open your mind and let an expert help you find the solutions. Scott Oldford is just that expert.

Who is Scott Oldford?

As a digital sales specialist, Scott has seen the best and the worst of digital tactics.

He has taken all that he’s learned and turned it into a simple selling strategy that anyone could use.

He calls it the ROI Method.

The ROI Method Summary

To make your return on investment shine, you need to take a look at your selling proposal. Are you talking to the right audience? Scott helps dozens of clients who waste money chasing after the wrong consumers.

With ROI Method, you can use his litmus test to determine if your proposed audience sets are accurate.

This saves so much time that it makes this training module alone priceless. But this is just the start of what Scott offers in this comprehensive course

Let’s say you define the right audience. Now are you talking to that audience enough?

 Too many digital marketers fall short when it comes to market saturation. Because Scott is a data monster, he shows how his method can help you define the most accurate frequency for your ad performance.

Scott also covers one of the most important factors in delivering strong ROI: personal connection.

If your ads are too salesy or not salesy enough, then you are not connecting with the audience.

Scott offers more tests that can help you see how well your content is resonating with your target audience.

The duds got to go. And the winners keep on winning. It’s that simple.

Scott will be the first to tell you that ROI is in the details of your campaign. He delivers on all the details with through coverage of everything you need to know for improved ROI.

Here are just a few tidbits from the course:

·         How to define the sweetest offer to drive conversions

·         How to position yourself apart from the competition as a unique brand

·         How to craft the right message to drive sales

·         Determining the best time to launch your ads

·         Knowing how often your ads should be seen

·         Defining the best platforms for ad distribution

·         How to build a legit conversation with your target audience

·         How to establish a lasting community that rallies around your brand

With this intel you can re-evaluate your digital sales performance. Scott helps you optimize so you are fine-tuned and streamlined for making money, not spending on ads.

You will find the confidence that you really know your audience. This connection is valuable and means long-term revenue growth through repeat sales.

Most importantly, Scott eliminates the guesswork that results from not knowing your numbers. Be certain and focused on every digital decision you make.

You will think like a pro and make decisions like one.

Invest in the one course that will transform your sales success.

Digital Marketing Can Be Profitable, But This Is Why Lead Generation Might Be Better (IMHO)

Because this course focuses on making advertisements that are good, let’s focus on the platforms that they will be used on.

I would first like to say that making money in advertising is still very much profitable. That being said there are some reasons as to why it may not be as viable of an option as it once was.

Back to the platforms. The way that most people apply ads are on Facebook for dropshipping and affiliate marketing.

The unfortunate fact of the matter is that the average click through rate on Facebook ads is 1% across all industries which means some industries might be higher and lower, but still 1% is not all that great.

That has to make you at least scratch your head in thinking whether or not it is profitable for you to do or not.

Facebook ads are also super expensive, you can expect 30-40% of your revenue to go towards the Facebook ad budget.

Not to mention that you are typically having to advertise for products that everyone else is advertising for, the market is over saturated and competitive.

Another issue with running ads that you will eventually run into is the bleed through rate. Even though this course teaches you generally how large you should scale before you stop, ads can often expand into a market that is not ideal which will lead to the ad campaign getting downvoted and removed.

But Ippei, how else can I make money online? Enter lead generation.

Lead generation is the process of setting up and optimizing a website to get it to the top of page one on google and sending leads off to business owners.

The average click through rate for the #1 spot organically is 31.7% and the #1 spot is likely to receive 10x more clicks than the #10 spot.

All this is to show that click through rates being on the top of google are much better than that of Facebook ads.

Building and ranking a site also requires less time and maintenance than Facebook ads. You need to check your Facebook ad campaign status frequently because the cost per click is in a constant state of fluctuation and can quickly burn into your profits.

This site only took me 14hrs to build and rank and I have applied very small amounts of maintenance to it over time. It makes me 750$ a month.

The market for lead generation is also very unsaturated. What I mean is that since we rank websites locally there is not a lot of competition in that city.

 So that means that if you build lead gen site for plumbing the worst you might see is 15 plumbing sites you have to try and outrank.

That is not difficult though considering you are competing globally against people that often are trying to sell the same thing you are when running Facebook ads.

It doesn’t matter how great your ad is because people are on Facebook to be entertained, not advertised to.

With google however, people will always be looking for certain services to be done around their home, so we focus on buyer intent keywords.

From there the way to show them you are the best is by being number 1, and as I showed earlier, number 1 gets the clicks.

Are you ready to hear more about lead generation? Click here to get started with the lead generation coaching program that changed my life!