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Ultimate Facebook Secrets Review 2019 – Andy Small, Real Deal?

Do you spend a lot of time on Facebook?  I know I do.  I consider a lot of my Facebook time to be work-related.  After all, that’s where most of my personal branding happens.  

Eventually, I ran into a trap.  I learned the hard way that being good on Facebook means different things at different times.  Getting 300+ birthday messages is cool and all.  But it’s not the same as knowing how to sell products effectively.

I needed Andy Small for that.

He’s an expert and has been able to help me increase my Facebook following.  It’s not just about the numbers.  It’s about finding followers who are engaged, active, and ready to buy.

Who is Andy Small?

More than anything else, Andy knows sales.

He’s the founder and president of Book VIP.

His company is respected among sales professionals and has grown at an exponential rate.  This is for good reason because Andy knows what’s up.

Small is an author.  He has also created Ultimate Facebook Secrets.  This is how I came to know his work.

What is Ultimate Facebook Secrets?  How do I get it?

The program begins with video training—more than five whole hours of it.  If you don’t know Facebook basics, you’ll want to acquaint yourself with them before diving in.

Not every part of this program will be useful for every student.  I can’t say what information you’ll need, but I can say what I got out of the course.  Some parts were way more helpful than others.

–Video lessons are one of my favorite ways to learn.

–They helped me through the process of making an ad for my business.

–Ongoing webinars are a cool way to network and stay current.

–Facebook is always changing, and they kept me up to date.

–All about targeting, which saves a ton of time and money.

–How to build and use messenger bots, which was great.

–Consultations with experienced marketers.  

There were so many things about Facebook that I didn’t understand when I started my business.  Worse, I thought I did understand a lot of things that I ended up doing wrong.  Small businesses need to be especially frugal, and I didn’t have the tools I needed.

It didn’t take very long to get through all the video lessons.  That allowed me to pinpoint what was missing in my own ad strategy.  From there, I was able to use the lead generation tips to follow up with potential buyers.  

Building my first messenger bot was…hard to describe.  I didn’t think I’d be able to do it.  But I did.  And it worked!  I really can’t overstate how much of a difference this course has meant to my marketing efforts.  

I still spend a lot of time on Facebook, but my return on investment is larger than it has ever been.  Thanks to Andy Small.  

Conclusion: Marketing on Facebook has Its Perks, However, Google Might be More Effective

Any time you can use social media to connect with potential customers is great because it is so easy to make contact with owners since there is no gate keeper.

Facebook can be a great marketing tool because of this and many have had success. Although, there have been some snags that I should let you know about so that you are more prepared.

The first thing we need to realize is that people are not on Facebook to be sold to.

We need to get this in our heads, because if we don’t at least understand that, then we could be too aggressive and our account could be marked as spam and shut down.

So whenever you decide to use chatbots with messenger be careful with your frequency.

Another problem that we need to deal with is that Facebook is constantly changing.

The reason Facebook is constantly changing is because of the users, new things on the app become popular or new ways of doing things in the app become normal and switch everything up.

Normally change is great for the consumer, but by and large it is not good for anyone who is looking to monetize on a platform because their methods will have to always change. It is hard to keep up at times.

I still use Facebook for my own marketing efforts occasionally, but these days I focus more on marketing on google through lead generation.

How do you market on google?

Marketing on google can be done by paying them via adwords or organically with high quality SEO.

What does marketing on google look like?

Marketing on google looks like being in the number 1 map pack and organic listing as shown here.

One of the main reasons I switched to marketing on google with lead Generation is because I don’t have to worry about interrupting anyone’s day by trying to sell them something.

When they find one of my sites on google it is because they are looking for that type of service to be done. All I have to do from there is make sure they see my site and call it.

How do you do that?

70-80% of business for any industry goes down in the google map pack so if you are in there you are likely getting calls.

Next, if you are “above the fold” meaning that you do not have to scroll to see your site’s listing, then you will have a high probability of getting phone calls.

You get to these top spots by performing on site optimization for the purpose of converting the visitor to a lead, and also performing off site optimization which require backlinks and citations to pull your site to the top.

It sounds difficult but if you pick the right niche this process doesn’t take long at all. This site only took me about 14 hours altogether and it still makes me 750$ a month to this day.

Once I learned how to market on Facebook I turned to google to be more effective for lead generation. If this business model interests you, lets chat!