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Write Great Leads Review 2019: John Forde, Real Deal?

In marketing and sales industry, the title and headline of the advertisement is the greatest thing that a person writing it should consider. 

The greatest idea of the product should be captured to bring to attention the reader’s mind.

Eye catching lead therefore should be the first priority for any marketer to increase his productivity and incremental income.

What I think about a great lead is that the attention of the person reading the product should be brought closed to what the product is about by creating awareness of it more efficiently and in a very proper way.

This is what John Forde, the man behind the subject how to great leads are written.

Creation of a mutual bond between person reading your product and the you who is writing is the key.


  • A copywriter.
  • Also came up with leads that are compelling in nature and attracts the reader’s mind.
  • He invented headlines and titles that are eye catching.
  • He came up with uncountable controls of multi-million dollars for more than 25 years.
  • He majors his articles in travelling agencies, health care and financial markets.
  • Mentorship of the many copywriters in the industry has been his key role too.


I personally like reading about John articles of the best headlines that can be written without taking much of your time.

Less time guaranteed for sure.

The key items I learnt from him are put in summary below;

  • The lead that you will be writing should be precise and very simple.
  • A simple lead will make the clients have a better understanding very quickly without wasting time.
  • Moreover, what I learned about John is that you will get more knowledge while writing the headlines.
  • The clients will not benefit alone but also you, the person behind the lead writing.
  • Love this for sure.
  • He further more taught me the hidden methods and I collectively composed myself and followed his step explanations through mentorship tutorials.
  • At the end of learning, you will realize continuous improvement and a more convincing result that you will really like it.

In life, whatever you want to achieve should always be done repeatedly many times.

Success is not a wake thing and you achieve it.

In this sense, you must always be ready to learn daily to improve your writing skills of the lead.

The questions given out is your main tool of gathering more insights and information on how the step by step writing of headlines is done.

You should attempt all the quizzes to avoid errors and the results will be perfect.

By doing this, the skills you’ve learned will forever stick and you won’t tussle about writing the best leads.

You will find it easy to do the work and you will always take it to be a normal thing creating and perfecting on suitable leads for any organization.

Easy for me, hope you will find it too.

Time is of essence in any learning.

At only $199.00, you will get to order Writing Great Leads and this will really benefit you.

How I Used Writing Leads To Start Up My Own Six-Figure Lead Gen Business

Not too long ago I personally struggled writing and capturing great leads. With this course I learned not only how to write great headlines, but also something more important.

How to generate leads.

I quickly learned that when people needed something fixed around their house they would go to google and search for it.

That meant that all I needed to do was make sure that they saw my “ad”.

The way that I did this was by ranking for buyer intent keywords as shown below.

What’s a better advertisement than being number 1 for some keywords?

At first, I was a little skeptical and thought that it would be competitive. Actually, it was much less competitive than I thought.

I found that most of the competition is for global keywords and that local keywords are much easier to rank for.

This is because people often have to rank for global keywords when they are trying to sell products online like fidget spinners.

Locally though there is a finite number of competitors you will have because there can only be so much business in town. From my experience there are typically only 15-20 businesses in any given niche.

Ranking for keywords in these areas is so easy because businesses often have no idea how to rank their site.

Another concern I had at first was time. I thought all my time was going to go down the drain.

How wrong I was. I was able to set up 1 website a day pretty easily and once the work was done, I never had to go back for any type of maintenance.

For example, this was the first site I ever built. It took me 14 hours to build/rank and still makes all this money for me every month on auto pilot.

This was a bit of a paradigm shift for me, not going to lie.

These sites were working for me even while I was sleeping. I had created my first set of assets.

What about money, how profitable are these websites?

The average lead generation site has a profit margin of 95-100% this is because we have to perform little to no monthly maintenance on these sites which means most of the monthly fee goes to our pockets.

A lead gen site is typically worth 1000$.

You might be wondering something like “why would a business owner pay that much per month?”.

Paying for leads is nothing new, home advisor and Angies list have multiple businesses pay them each month for leads.

The difference between them and us though is that we work exclusively with just one owner in each town for a niche. Business owners hate fighting over leads, so we offer an exclusive relationship.

We also aren’t breaking the bank for them either, we work on the premise of taking a “sliver to deliver”.

I create a massive ROI for my clients. This tree service client for example only pays me based off of a commission. I generate an extra 20,000$ of revenue for him per month!

My 9-5 quickly became a thing of the past once I had 10 of these sites set up. Imagine the lifestyle shift you would have if you had 5-10 of these up?!

Are you ready to learn more about lead generation?

Click here to get started with the same lead gen coaching program that changed my life forever!