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By facereviews / September 3, 2019

A fortune can be made in digital marketing, even if you know nothing about it.

Hidden gold mines of audiences ready to buy are waiting for digital entrepreneurs to stake their claim. This is especially true on social media platforms like Facebook.

If all you know how to do is share memes on FB, then it’s time to step up your game and earn big money.

You can do this with the help of Wilco De Kreij.

ConnectIQ Academy made me really good with Facebook ads. Which is a great skill to have to help many businesses out there

As of today, I have a thriving digital marketing business at $50K per month.

But I didn’t just get here with Facebook Ads, I also believe in the power of ranking websites in Google & generating leads with free traffic.

Today I will review Wilco’s FB ad course, and let ya know if its worth the investment? Also how it compares with other types of digital marketing out there.

Who is Wilco De Kreij?

Wilco De Kreij wasn’t always a digital marketer. But he is now. He leverages the Facebook platform daily for steady and consistent revenue.

He is listed on Entrepreneur.com as a Facebook expert and continues to cultivate solid sales for his clients.

What are his secrets? He shares them with you in this one-of-a-kind Facebook bootcamp.

ConnectIQ Academy Summary

Wilco calls his course ConnectIQ because its all about making that link intelligently with your audience. That’s the hack behind his Facebook success.

He reveals the methods that go into building robust profits in a step-by-step system. Here is what you get:

·         How to establish successful Facebook ad campaigns that drive ROI

·         How to create the perfect ad that lights up your target audience

·         How to identify the ideal audience and cultivate a solid customer base

·         How to use retargeting tactics to increase that audience

·         How to stay on budget while scaling a monumental Facebook empire

Anyone who uses Facebook may not realize there is a powerful dashboard behind it. Wilco parts the curtains. He lets you in on this systemized control panel for tapping the rich FB audience segment.

Why would you want to do this? Wilco offers case studies that show had targeted ad campaigns generate huge sales on ecommerce pages.

You match the right audience with the right products. Jackpot!

But you need the right ads. Wilco has gone through years of trial and error to develop an ad-building process that is foolproof.

In the second of his training modules he shows you these tried and true secrets for ad creation to excite audiences.

How exactly do you pick the right audiences? Wilco reveals that too.

He shows you how to narrow done with laser precision. Never reach the wrong audiences, ever.

Find your buyers and build on that. This step takes a little practice, but if you commit to it, you will score big.

He even reveals the secrets of retargeting. Your ads keep reaching out to the same type of audience, building bigger and bigger customer segments.

How and when do you know this all pays off? Almost immediately.

Start seeing conversions on your ecom pages. If you are working for a client, the phone will start ringing as they start reeling from the success of your campaigns.

The beauty is, you can also prove that all success they reap, comes precisely from you.

You can track every ad you launch. Wilco gives you the insight on pixels.

If you’re ready, so is Wilco.

It’s time to discover the earning power of Facebook.

I’ve made plenty of money with Facebook ads.

But I’ve transitioned to generating my traffic with free traffic instead by ranking sites organically in Google.


So much more scalable and less maintenance. This was my breakthrough… Let me show ya.

Wilco’s Facebook Ad Course was Great, But What I’m Doing Instead in 2019 to Generate Passive Income

This is how it all starts…

Business owners have too much to focus on already than to spend a ton of time marketing their businesses.

Even if they decided to do everything themselves, they aren’t trained to market effectively enough to reach out to as many people as possible.

But we are.

We can get them the leads they need to start making deals they can profit from.

But what differentiates Facebook marketing from the business model I use to make passive income while helping small business owners?

Let’s compare..


  • Facebook ads need constant monitoring.
  • You have to really nail a Facebook ad (imagery, ad copy, offer etc.) for it to convert and this can take some trial and error, which takes time and money.
  • If you don’t followup with the lead RIGHT AWAY, you often lose out.
  • The data / demographics you target when you select an audience are not always accurate. Example: income level is based off of data gathered by a third party source.
  • Facebook is constantly changing what it allows you to target due to privacy and data sharing laws.
  • People are on Facebook expecting to catch up with friends/family and are NOT actively looking for services or to purchase things. They don’t like seeing ads..
  • Your client can fire you at ANY time.. maybe they don’t feel like the results are good enough? Bye! Suddenly too expensive for them to keep paying you? Bye! This is just not a very good model for long term, scalable growth…


  • You OWN the digital properties
  • You get traffic from people that are already searching for the services, so it is much easier for the business owners to convert them
  • Once a site is generating leads, it takes very little to maintain the site
  • If one business owner you are working with decides to move, or retire, you can find another one, forward the phone number to direct the calls to your new client. You won’t have to start building a campaign from scratch!
  • I get paid month after month, consistently and reliably…
  • I am helping local businesses grow! The clients I have LOVE me, and always refer me when they can.. I have a ton of raving testimonials piled up.. and it’s an amazing feeling.

With the skills I got from the course, I made this lead generating site for a limousine service:

To start, I just build a website, then I get it to become relevant on a search engine’s results by targeting certain keywords.

Once it’s easily visible to people it will start to generate leads and we simply forward those to the company we’re in business with.

The deals create huge profits for them, so they pay us in return.

My favorite part? No maintenance required.

Once it’s up and running just move on to another site and continue building your passive income.

It’s a genius passive income system like no other.

I’ve got sites I haven’t touched in years still making me money, such as this tree service:

This site alone makes me $2k a month in PURE PROFIT.

That’s why I’ve been doing this for so many years.

It’s an amazing feeling to watch your bank account rise higher and higher.

And with this coaching program you can start your journey into the business leads generation career as well!

We have a large pool of people who have taken the course and have thrived off of it. So if you have any trouble, they can use their experience to help you out.

We have a VERY active Facebook community with regular live coaching and tons of support.

There are even events held where we all get together.. and people fly out from around the WORLD to attend..

Here’s some posts in our group talking about our recent June 2019 Reload event in Las Vegas baby!

I really hope you’ll join this growing community.

You won’t regret it.

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