Brian Pfeiffer & Ross Minchev Course – FaceBook Diet Made EZ Review 2019

By facereviews / September 10, 2019

So, you think you know social media. What Facebook teaches you isn’t the real hacks that digital marketers use to reach their audiences.

Their success comes from the underground of digital intel. These are guys and gals that create engaging and revenue driving campaigns. These are the people who are really earning money from Facebook advertising.

And this includes me.

I’m earning $50k a month with what I’ve learned about Facebook advertising, but I’ve also combined those skills with local lead gen to help business owners with getting more online leads.

Today, I will be reviewing Brian and Ross’s “FaceBook Diet Made EZ” and I will be comparing it with other methods of business lead generation.

Who are Brian Pfeiffer & Ross Minchev?

Allow me to introduce you to, Ross Minchev

Brian Pfeiffer and Ross Minchev are digital marketers and consultants who have made big money tapping into the back-end success of Facebook’s digital dashboard.

Today they earn serious cash from converting campaigns and viral content. They know it’s a lot easier then the digital world will let on, so they are ready to share this knowledge.

Facebook Diet Made EZ Video Course Summary

Making Facebook work for you is not as complex as digital marketers make it.

These guys put together a complete course that takes you through every step in the digital process for making cash from FB easily…

Here is what you get:

·         How to build a money-driving landing page

·         Using pixels to track your FB sales

·         Incorporating video posts into your marketing campaign

·         Building the best audiences for your target product

·         How to maximize the power of lookalike audiences

·         How to use shortened links for higher engagement

·         Creating that ultimate offer that drives sales

Channeling traffic to a landing page is all there is to it. It’s that simple. And with Facebook you are tapping into a gold mine of followers who are ready to spend.

These guys show you how to find that ideal audience that perfectly matches your product offering. They help you craft the message that drives clicks. You can even engage your audience with video ads.

The key is to craft a campaign built around revenue generation. 

With a single channel on social you can do more than reach just more people. You can also reach the right people. Know how to read your metrics so you can optimize every ad until you get it just right.

Lookalike audiences maximize your reach, helping you find more of the right people ready to spend.

 Brian and Ross even show you how to use shortened links so Facebook followers are more likely to engage.

See how all that info gets tracked with pixels. You can watch your revenue stream from Facebook post to website check out.

These guys will even show you how to use emojis. Yes, they are marketing vehicles too. They take an informal approach to reaching your target audience and drawing them to your ecom site.

Too much time is taken by bad social channels Twitter is full of bots. YouTube is losing out. Facebook is still holding strong with one of the most robust reaches on social.

With this secret intel, you can stop chasing after the latest trend in social media. Stick with a true contender and earn big with FB.

While Learning About FB Ads was Fruitful, I’ve had a Better Experience with This…

There’s really no strategy like it.

It begins with a business having trouble finding clients to make deals with.

They simply don’t have the skills to do it as effectively as us.

So to help them out, we build a website, escalate it through Google’s search engine, and get it to forward calls to these struggling businesses.

And they’re the ones doing the deal once we forward them the lead, so your jobs done once the site gets clients.

Here’s a simple comparison of this and FB advertising:

Cons of Facebook Advertising

  • Have to pay Facebook for your ads to appear
  • Ad placement can be excessively competitive
  • Most people ignore or don’t like ads
  • It’s not the most preferred social media platform anymore
  • You’d also better have a flawless followup strategy in place…

What I Love About Business Lead Gen

  • Once established maintenance is not required
  • Consistent monthly passive income
  • Helping local businesses
  • Ownership of all digital properties you make
  • Lot’s of industries to get into (virtually any!)

This limo service had trouble getting business till we got together:

The leads I generate through the site garners a lot of business for themselves so these companies are very happy to compensate me.

Everyone profits.

Hypothetically, someone you’ve been working with calls it quits. Well it’s not all doom and gloom. You own the site for the entirety of the time it’s active. Just place a call to another business that needs you.

And don’t worry about any upkeep for your sites. Once a site is set up and generating leads, it won’t take much time, if any, from you anymore

That’s how I’m able to simultaneously own 80 sites that are all getting me profit.

I’ve got this tree care site running since 2014. Haven’t even touched it since then:

How much could I be making from a site that I don’t even touch?

$2K per month profit.

It’s a beautiful system that has kept me going for years. It has so much potential.

Here is someone who have made their first strides in business lead gen:

And there are plenty others who have taken this coaching program as well. Some making even more dough than I do from it! And they’ll be there to help you out if you have questions.

It’s honestly the best and most evergreen way to make passive income online, in my opinion.

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